Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tip-toe my tulips when I'm six feet under.

For those questioning my: Catholicism, Independent political affiliation, support of President Obama, aghast against continued Republican oppressions of Constitutional Rights, and why I am so politically opinionated (it might hurt my publishing and my life etc.,) read on.

To tiptoe through tulips about what makes life great in this United States and why so many want to live here - democracy and human rights - is not why I do FITS etc., (social media).  I am who I am and to me POLITICS matters.  I do not  “diss” others because I’m “out-there” and they are not. In my childhood I saw: people’s rights violated; the absence of human rights for all other than for those that had the race card, money, power and prestige; a street full of students, in the middle of the night, killed for protesting. Prayed for the courageous families of friends incarcerated for opposing oppression, grandparents that cared for others raised me and I certainly don’t want to die holding a “feel-good” or “life is great with head under sand” sign.

Still a Catholic raised a Catholic, but also a Jew as some of my ancestors were, and for that matter a multi-racial person. I am a registered Independent because I am willing to listen to truth, values and principles, but will not vote for personalities, bigotry, condescension and suppression.  Politically opinionated because politics has the power to do and undo. Learned from those that did right, and those that didn’t, and decided that right is worth trumpeting about.

If I never am published because of my “runeth at the mouth” oh well, I will not die as a best seller without a cause.

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