Thursday, February 09, 2012

Journalist, Author Roger Rosenblatt Outlines His 4 Reasons to Write

I posted, and wrote, the article on Roger Rosenblatt while doing a media assignment - no excuse just a reason for mishmash. Surely I'm not disgusting a legion, but the fact that one reader emaild "what the heck were you saying in that RR article?" and I heard the thought behind the words (you crazy....) the point is, even if its not for pay and only on my blog, I must strive to "write with precision and restraint" to quote Rosenblatt.
Rosenblatt's book "Unless It Moves the Heart, The Craft and Art of Writing" impresses me so much that I went digging for more on him and found a video interview by PBS NEWSHOUR: Journalist, Author Roger Rosenblatt Outlines His 4 Reasons to Write However, on the way to Rosemblatt I came upon a link on Double Redundancy and listened to a song called Einstein's Little Homunculus worth mentioning.
So clever, on Wikipedia, “Homunculus (masculine, Latin for "little human", plural: "homunculi"; from the diminutive of homo)”, which took me into rambling thoughts: "what would we do without Wikipedia", and "that’s another controversy about how it used to be and the here and now" to "I'm not about good-old-times. Women were second-class citizens and cowboys had their way in their way. I like today. Online media and friends, one never meets, form across lands and time; it feels Einsteinian: all is here and now, or Between Here and Now (Planxty Melissa) Einstein's Little Homunculus." 

Rosenblatt's book and PBS, moved my heart for sure; thus I repost: In the video, Rosenblatt says "the noun carries its own power". Quotes Emerson, “the speaking language of things” and Twain,“the difference between the word and the right word is the difference between the light bug and the lighting”. Adds, “Writing is an important art is important for itself”. It is for people who love the work and want to do it. "Writers need praise and encouragement rather than discouragement." Reasons Rosenblatt writes: “1) to make suffering endurable 2) evil intelligible 3) justice desirable 4) love possible.“ He stresses that "writing must be useful” to be useful is the only standard that matters. A writer must strive for “anticipation rather than imagination, suspense rather than surprise and to write with precision and restraint”.

I now need to go do one thing at a time, even if its fun to stir many pots.... enough.

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