Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Timothy Grant interview in BlueCat

Some writers are just into novels. Others such as me dabble in screenwriting, short stories, poetry and political banter. The wider range of writing interest the more media that lures with subliminal, or outright statements, of must haves to be the best ever.
Rules and technicalities can vary according to sources, and unless one has a ton of capacity to assimilate, and a coffer to spend on learning to feel confident, one has to make careful choices. There are invaluable books on all kinds of writing media and a plethora of sites and online magazines. Most are littered with what to buy; a few actually give nifty free information. 
In searching for good writing sites, I feel inundated, but have discovered that what will move a reader or audience cannot be learned; it comes inspired by having something valuable to say, or from experience, or razor edge truth. Also found some sites where without having spent my savings I am given pearls and confidence such as in BlueCat: a screenwriting competition site that has a free newsletter, workshops, videos, articles and interviews. I haven’t taken BlueCat workshops, nor am I affiliated to give the site a plug for profit. I am just a practicing writer, with a lot to say and grateful for sites that help me write.
In the BlueCat interview with Timothy Grant, I found wisdom and freedom to write without fear of the critic - as if I would rather do something else if my writing is not marvelous. It is impressive when a writer such as Grant says:

I fight a nasty internal judge every step of the way. It's like having Simon Cowell standing over my shoulder saying: "Shit, shit, shit" in response to every word that I type. 

So I have to trick him by saying: "I'm going to write a shitty screenplay that nobody will ever read." My inner judge is satisfied that I have finally agreed to my own worthlessness and quiets a bit. It's crazy, but it's the only way I can get anything done.

Blue Cat is the Official Newsletter of the Bluecat Screenplay Competition. The website offers screenwriters information on websites, videos and articles and the newsletter is free.

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