Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ryan’s plan sounds like the tactics of a coward.

No guts to confront: 1) health and perk benefits that elected officials and their families receive for a lifetime. 2) Medicaid and Medicare for millionaires before they put it in trusts or give in order to get on the public dole. 3) Fair taxes from corporations and millionaires when working folks pay up to 35%.
Ryan's plan IS from "politics of the past“ same REPUBLICAN government for the profit of the profiteers not, for the people by the people. No cuts on: 1) special interest, subsidies and perks for active and retired politicians. 2) Private military or 3) on trillions from military spending.
War, healthcare and government for profit are sinking the country. Insanity is repeating the same. So stop: 1) raiding the Social Security fund. 2) Attacking our unions 3) insourcing and outsourcing workers to take our jobs.Fill our coffers by 1) Tax in imports to the level that All countries tax our exports. 2) GROW OUR JOBS, made in America and defend our Unions, 3) Reinstating the draft and increase the salaries and benefits for our military and familiesto raise a military appreciated beyond lip-service.
Ryan, your plan takes from the American workforce like abusive parents continue to crush their children. Making America’s middle-class, into mules to carry the biggest burden because they don't have the lobbyist or the resources to fight back: it is the plan of a coward.
But like the bully on the schoolyard, voters must punch-out the bully to stop the bulling.

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