Monday, April 18, 2011


I say, "stay in the NOW" to myself a lot lately. When I feel pulled into so much I want to do and needs to be done I let me be in the NOW. Feel myself walk out of yesterdays and tomorrow into a beautiful expanse of calm acceptance and vast opportunities. I do what I can and needs to be done NOW. Some things take care of themselves, can be postponed, or new opportunities arise to deal with them. The NOW is a magical place that frees me to make the best of NOW. Much can be going wrong, according to my expectations or plans, but if I say, "How am I doing NOW?" chances are that I can relax in knowing that right NOW is all I have for NOW and that it is a blessing not to have to deal with yesterday or tomorrow. Although, yesterdays overlap into today and I can make plans for tomorrow. When things are going well, I can truly enjoy the pleasure of NOW without the past or future. NOW is all I actually have and that acceptance just makes me more present in my life and what I want to do and can or cannot do right NOW.

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