Wednesday, July 28, 2010

busy as a bee making honey

Yes, busy as a bee making honey.
The honey I have passion for because for the last two decades our country has gone down the drain from importing workers, products and out-sourcing.
We are not even competing fairly with other countries. They raise the prices of our products so no one buys them and or they limit our exports and most likely a lot more I don't about.
This has nothing to do with the poor saps coming in from Mexico to work for dimes under abuse. That is chicken s---, in comparison to the visas that are taking our best jobs to the tune of hundreds of thousands per year and millions of dollars loss to our workers.
The real issues not touched by the mccacnist/pailinist/fox-foamers/tbaggers , etc. Because those are above, what the media - that feeds their pundits - thinks is beyond the ability of their audience to understand.
But I'm a common person just like you and I am beginning to understand them. Getting po about how in the past two decades, under the Republicans, we got poorer and the rich got richer.
I am getting a lot of comments on my Bamboozled article please go over, check it out and give me a piece of your mind. I will keep writing what matters to us: the people.

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