Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About Morning Jo

While watching Morning Jo - haves chitchatting about how ‘people” are spoiled -
when they have everything paid by the trash we buy that their media sells.
They can say all that to a camera as if their public was made of lenses. Moreover, in their studios they sit with old man Buchanan and other politicians chewing down President Obama. Molds of greed, that care less about the lack they don’t know because they only see it form the windows of their cars as they drive to and form their glass cages.
To them all that President Obama says is made fun off because he speaks with the people and for the people and while they are afraid to step beyond the borders of their political cages.
Obama worked in the soup kitchen, they never have. He knows the smell of poverty streets. Tears of dying that beg for help and no one listens. Why should they find meaning in healthcare reform or any reform that no other President has done although tried for forty years or more; it does not fill their pockets.
Moreover, they laugh at President Obama, for explaining, in a video, to the pubic, how to get healthcare benefits. That to them are a given but that his own mother died fighting the establishment for. He has seen many go through pain and shame but to them, peacocks of the media, is a waste of time that he speaks with us.
How petty they are in their designer clothes. While they talk up, ‘we’ have to do more and tighten our belt, how terrible it is, and where do 'you' stand.
A waste of money that is what they are: a waste of time. How can they decide what is good for us? They go only from sound bite to sound bite.
Political guests talking about spines and cuts for our teachers, for our people, for our services and jobs, why can’t we cut their salaries and benefits? Put them on a national wellness program commission: if the people do well, they are paid.

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