Thirty articles for Examiner.com by Marta Weeks
Sacramento Populist Examiner 
Sad to say that Examiner.com is no longer avilable so I can't access my articles!
However my links to  CBS Sacramento Arts&Entertainment  and the The Huffington  are still active.

Marta Weeks, is an activist with political ideals that champion justice and ordinary people's needs. Recently retired from her professional career with the State of California Government in Sacramento and  a counselor for the County of Ventura. Is former host and Interviewer for community TV show, model, dancer and choreographer. Her blog is: "hoyecomova.com" and can also be found on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn. Has published articles and poems. Marta is currently working her way into a best selling novelist and contributes to CBS Sacramento Arts&Entertainment and The Huffington Post.

Marta Weeks

Sacramento Populist Examiner

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