Saturday, August 06, 2022

Poem: About Rights

Voices claim

rights to justice

from streets to stages

proclaim credence to sources of

 writes and wrongs.

Do you

 teach your kin

with words or actions

that's their right to decide 

who can live or be killed?

That safety

is in color 

of skin or birth 

for only whites can determine

who is right even though wrong?

Clean streets 

minds and hearts

from immigrants, they decide

are the scum that takes

their place and proper place away.


In cheer 

as in pomp

shades of citizens unite

to judge right from wrong

kept to use to be deployed.

Does God

 support those who 

in the name of 

country kill to proclaim rights

only by skin or color as kin?

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome!

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