Sunday, May 22, 2022

Paranormal shifter or fantasy?

For those who ask, "When will you publish the On Wings Of Immortals, the trilogy, and why it's for adults only?"

I wrote Sylph's Tale first as a screenplay, that won an award. Then, from the notes, I published it as a very short book on Amazon: 

I say On Wings Of Immortals, the trilogy is for adults only because I include all aspects of relationships between all living things and, in particular, humans. And can be steeped in uncensored passion from Creation to the present.  

For example, the first book in the series, Ayekah The Damned, starts at Creation and how every species fought to survive and procreated. Not as usually veiled in most regular books but in a world where survival for most living creatures meant fighting, building, and destroying.

Possible front page for book one: AYEKAH THE DAMNED

To those who might wonder what books, movies, or authors Ayekah The Damned might resemble.
I say Ayekah The Damned it's:
Quirky like Mozart - the film
Historical like Clan Of The Cave Bears - by Jean Auel
Erotic like The Handmaid's Tale - books/films
Mysterious like The Vampire - like Anne Rice's series and films
Spiritual like Paolo Coelho - tales

The remaining two books of the series, VIRGINS and  MACULATUM, are set in real-time and into the future and are also steeped in fantasy, romance, and history, some of which are graphic. And as characters change from eternal beings to humans, some of the story's paranormal elements are for adults.

I welcome comments and suggestions! 
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