Thursday, October 28, 2021

Tips for Scoring More Book Reviews and Sales

Like all authors, I want great reviews and a lot of sales. Easier said than done!

It's hard to get readers interested in novels by breakthrough authors and much harder to get good or even bad reviews; I've learned and grown from both. 

When I published The Sylph's Tale, wrote it as a base for a screenplay that won a third-place award and is still in the works, I gave it to family and friends, hoping for reviews that never came. But I did get some good reviews on Amazon and other sites from readers I don't even know! 

What will I do now when I publish On Wings Of Immortals-The Series books? I certainly will not give it away to family and friends, but I will to readers who give me reviews. 

However, it all starts with me! If I want to be a best-selling author, I must make sure that the story and prose are riveting, well written, and edited.

My editors are Word, Grammarly, a couple of friends who are published authors, and my husband, an avid reader with impeccable grammar.

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