Sunday, October 28, 2018

A writing schedule

After retiring, sometimes having worked a job and a half, while raising a family, I wanted to get lost in writing. Could see myself creating or finishing articles and stories I had started here and there, but it was hard to adjust to set a writing and publishing schedule. 
Boundaries diminished or changed as needs from family and home increased. It became "as soon as" I get this done, or this passes. Then came vacations and travel we had dreamed of doing. Finally, I rebelled against routines but noticed, from others in writer's groups, classes, and success gurus - in particular males - that they kept a "dead-set-schedules" for writing. While women - not from lack of discipline but because we rarely have "wives" to take care of demands and issues - and give in to tribe and community more often. We also are multi-taskers. 
One writer always says, "from 6 to 9 pm, after dinner, even if we have company, I write, every-single-day. No matter what, I lock my home-office door, and my everyone knows they cannot disturb me," his wife sitting next to him nodded. Wow

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