Sunday, June 03, 2018

One Year, One Hundred Rejections: Brett Elizabeth Jenkins |

Thanks to sites such as and this article: One Year, One Hundred Rejections: Brett Elizabeth Jenkins | Today's guest post from Brett Elizabeth Jenkins aims at a different type of goal than many writers might aim for: 100 rejections in one year!
That admirable authors undergo rejections helps me from not feeling alone in the rejection line. Even when I sink into feeling when as a child, limited by polio and slowed by dyslexia, I read curled up by a corner window in my bedroom or the attic of my grandparent's store; daydreaming of growing into a dancer, and writer. 
I did become a dancer and self-published the first book of my Immortals series The Sylph's Tale on Amazon and Boooks2Read. And a screenplay adaptation of The Sylph’s Tale or Ayekah the Damned on Amazon Studios.
Had a successful career as Program Specialist and Research Analyst and Counselor. Freelanced for CBS Sacramento Arts&Entertainment,, and Ex-In the City Guides. A few of my poems were published by Scruffy Dog, Editred, Poetry for Conservation and was poetry finalist, 2012 San Francisco Indie Publishing Contest and finalist in the 2017 Short Story Contest on Screen Craft. Completed ISA Screenwriting, the University of Iowa, UCD, extension, Poynter’s, Gotham, and Odyssey. Participate in Goodreads, Sierra Writers, Horror Writers, PRG and various others.

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