Tuesday, March 06, 2018

When is best to release a book

There are no hard and fast rules as to when is best to release a book, but as per several sites, it’s best to publish a book as part of an event or occasion when you can promote it and according to several sources the recommended times are:

January – April: Romance, Self-help, Business books, Cookery
May-August: Adventure, Fantasy, Travel
Sept – Nov: Academic, Horror, Paranormal
Dec – Jan: Children, Cookery, Illustrated, Quiz, Dictionaries and quirky fun books.
A series is best to release between August and September.

I, as an anxious first-time author, wanted to publish my first book when it was ready; despite Amazon's recommendations that October is a terrible time to publish first-time books and the best time for Fantasy/Paranormal is in May.

Still, I have high reviews on Amazon but also complaints that the book is too short and I agree. However, The Sylph's Tale had to come out a fist and alone. It is the only book in the series that takes place in prehistory. It introduces the angel and the virgin, and even though the angel is damned for eternity, he starts to discover that their love was part of a higher plan. Also, I wanted to make it a Teleplay before publishing book two, Virgins and book three ROLO. 
Completed the Teleplay, alternate title–Ayekah the Damned. It’s getting looked at by my favorite reader (a ruthless critic) my husband John before I make final edits.

Marta C Weeks, is an author of fantasy, paranormal, speculative and historical fiction, poet, and columnist. Marta likes to share with others tips and articles about writing and social issues. She lives in Northern California and is the author of the Sylph's Tale, Book One of Immortals - The Series. 

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