Thursday, March 02, 2017

Ode To A Violinist

My heart crashed
As I stood on the sidelines 
You played 
To an adoring crowd

Inside me fear 
Tore away 
As it has done before

I had seen her 
Lock into my lover's eyes 
Take him into promises 
Of her paradise
Then she looked at me
As women do 
To announce 
Pending victory

Lost in that turmoil 
I gazed at you 
Handsome violinist

Young prince of music 
Your violin courting 
Throbbing hearts
Minds filled with desire

My eyes fluttered 
You held them 
I felt avenged
In found promises
Yours into mine

I stayed fixed 
From song to song 
You stroked from chords 
Into my need

I surfaced
Whole and lovely
Into a center of strength
Your visual embrace
Into impending doom
Of lost love 
And unforgettable pain

You came 
In that moment in time 
When I needed lifting 
From sinking into regret 
Into memories of loss

Where you sent by God 
That very second 
Your song a wave 
To lift me from the gulf 
I was falling into

It matters not
The moment passed 
As he came back 
From where he denied
Ever going 
To love me again

By Marta C Weeks
4/20/ 2015
Wrote during a cruise
Published on Hello Poetry

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