Tuesday, October 04, 2016

October 2016 Newsletter

Hi Friends,

So far October weather is a relief from the heat of summer. I feel more energy and ready to enjoy the holidays. Three days ago it rained and yesterday started the painting of the outside of our house, I am very excited. 

I hope fall is also a good time for you. So far we plan to dress up for Halloween and go to a family party. Some have already started Christmas shopping but in our family, we have simplified the holiday giving and made it more of a fun thing. We host Thanksgiving, and I like that because it’s the first holiday of the season. I will share more on Thanksgiving and Christmas in my November and December newsletter.

About my writing, I am doing editing from notes by a professional writer/editor. In the past I felt that I was using the "I need more editing" to delay rejection but since I read How To Become Immune To Rejection, "a riveting and eye-opening TEDx Talk" article posted on Happily Daily, by Jia Jiang I decided to start my road of "deliberate rejections." Because of that, my editing has taken on a new "feeling"; not of fear but of Dare To Be A Great Writer as in the title of the late Leonard Bishop's book, who I still consider to be my mentor.
I wish you a good October.

Much Love,


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