Friday, October 30, 2015

A two-for-one deal

My husband says I got one of the two-for-one deals I like. He is making light of the outcome of my emergency room visit last Tuesday. He brought me in, at about two a.m. to emergency, today is Friday, and I am still here.

What led to this scenario can be said to be fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate because I am in a hospital that is clean, pleasant, and the staff is very skilled, professional, efficient and friendly, not an exaggeration. Unfortunate because I have two things going on: First is a gallbladder that was supposed to have been removed back in 1999; did my body re-grow it? Second, and maybe most urgent is that I am scheduled for angiogram with a fix if needed.

So, patiently we wait, John does go home to do this and that, and me getting needle after needle, test after test, while at home our partially made up bed, and our pets (toy pets), wait. But, I did edit 30 poems and submitted them for publications. I have to do, to keep sane.Tata for now will stay posted.

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