Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wildlife in our property

Last night when I got home from attending a meeting I phoned my husband from the driveway,” Is the door unlocked?"
I looked up and saw him looking down from our kitchen bay window.” No, it's not."
I hated to say it because the driveway lights were on but did, "Please come down and unlock the door, I saw something, not sure what."
He had spotted scat (Bear poop) on our grounds a few days ago and yesterday he spotted a Fox. Not only that but we have a Mama Turkey nesting on one of our slopes and a Mama Squirrel nesting on one of our trees.
"Wait until I come to open the door and out to the driveway."
My hero, I thought relieved as we entered our home.
This morning he let me know that the Fox has a den in a hollow under our driveway, "I saw two little Fox pups."

With the deer and other wildlife coming and going, we have a virtual zoo. Here are some photos he took.

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