Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ode to Rosa Parks

Giving It All
While watching the funeral
for Rosa Parks,
I thought of how Rosa gave it all,
for a seat on a bus.

It was huge what Rosa did.
A complete thing,
at a time when fighting injustice,
meant the loss of life
and liberty.

Today people seem content
with little, and just want more
of what means nothing
and settle to mourn with empty souls.

Rosa’s, full of love, liberated us all
with a simple and humble act,
from those that today still carry
the torch of subjugation.

What Rosa Parks did
was not a little something,
a half measure of rebellion,
Rosa gave her life for that seat;
all we have is our life.

The bigots we feed our children,
to keep acceptable injustice
stoned Rosa.

Help us stand Rosa
and not kneel at pews of fear
that turns us into sheep,
that slaughter others
and keeps us in hell
by threatening us with heaven.

Marta ©October 24, 2005

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