Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writers: avoid scams

There are scams and scammers after hardworking writers starving for fame, attention and sales. While writers go broke, predators grow rich. So, beware when looking for publishers, agents and entering contests. Here are some: General Guidelines & Tips on Avoiding Scams
Bona-fide editors, agents, and publishers associated with a publishing company don’t ask for up-front money and if you find one that wants to represent you check their record of sales. 
I have ideas galore and books in progress but as I write I pay little or no attention to grammar, etc. I do go over my work, and have other eyes read it, several times after its written but final edits are hard for me. It's hard to “Murder your darlings” and harder to find an editor, not associated with a publisher, to go over a manuscript before its submitted. It’s a shame to read published work laden with errors. I have an editor, found him in a writers group, who not only corrects my grammar but also gives me input on the story, structure and dialogue without wrecking my style. 
There are many sites one can go to sift-out: Movie producers, 
Publicists, Cover artists, etc. I find Predators & Editors the most helpful. 

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