Saturday, June 14, 2014

it was a hell of a day until Robert from Google!

About two weeks ago I received a notice from Google that my domain account would be terminated for non-payment. Oh my gosh, I was trying to renew since 6/3 to no avail. Going into Google was worst than a maze!!! Good grief murgatroy. 
Murgatroy did not help me it was prayer and a place I found in Google where I sent an email requesting help, and prayed some more. Yes, I prayed for my! Got a call from Robert at Google and he, like an angel, stayed with me until the issue was resolved, thank you Robert from Google!
On prayer: some might think: how could she pray for such a silly thing like her Blogger site? Well, I pray for everything that I can't get right or gets me wrong. It works like G-Power telling me: "everything is a silly thing to me so whatever you need just let me know." Sometimes I get what I pray for sometimes I don't. I have faith that if it's important enough I keep praying, and the answer on what to do comes. 
Ps. G_Power is God as you understand God.

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