Monday, March 31, 2014

Write your life story

I have been looking for a guide to write my memoir, it sounds so tidy: memoir, when, in fact, it can be the most harrowing experience. It also sounds egotistical, who in the world would ever want to read my stuff? That's like saying "here is my underwear... how does it smell?"
  I have written my side of what happened in my life and shared it in confidence for the purpose of self-healing but to write the details, to unravel feelings, events, people, places and things to share with family or to publish is another story. Fear, failure, joy and happiness can get gnarled up in a ball all knotted by tears and laughter.  Shame can also prevent us from telling and sharing. Facts and events can be different even to how parents, siblings and others remember them, not because it’s our truth vs. their lies but because everyone in the story of our life has their own chapters and story.
 And then comes a hero that makes lemonade for our souls with their stories and helps many. I just read about one such author on WOW-Women On Writing: Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir by SueWilliam Silverman. "The square peg in the round hole. The fish out of water. The odd man out. We've all been there. What did you do to try and fit in?"

 I need to find my story guide, have you come upon one that will help you write your story?

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