Monday, November 11, 2013

Why is "Gen Mai Cha" blend best

History of Green Tea:
"Green tea in Japan begins with the introduction of tea by Zen Buddhist monks in the 9th century." At that time "only monks, members of the imperial court, and eventually, wealthy landowners were able to enjoy this prized beverage." Thus evolved the Japanese "tea ceremonies". "In the 18th century, novel processing and growing methods resulted in the introduction of green tea and its spread into all corners of Japanese society.
Green tea's health benefits include: 
1) "Powerful antioxidant polyphenols" that "promotes growth of friendly intestinal bacteria" 
2) "Decreases toxic bowel metabolites (like polyamines)"
3) "Promotes cardiovascular health, prevents blood cell aggregation and improves cholesterol metabolism"
4) "Inhibits toxin and carcinogen producing enzymes like ornithine decarboxylase"
Evidence suggests regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of many cancers
Mr. Itaru's Blend, "Gen Mai Cha" is mildly caffeinated and so it has "many of the anti-cancer properties of green tea are lost if it is de-caffeinated."

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