Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prevent strokes and lose weight by not eating chicken!

To prevent strokes and lose weight, for blood type B+ stop eating chicken!

But....Everybody loves chicken and  beef has become the four letter word in food! But wait...there is evidence, in extensive blood type research, that chicken can cause a blood type B+ to have a stroke and also to gain weight!

For blood type B+ it is recommended that chicken be absolutely avoided. The agglutinating lectin in chicken can attack the bloodstream and potentially lead to stokes and immune disorders.

So, does chicken soup must also be avoided for Blood Type B+? Yes! Oh how I hate that, can still hear, "eat your chicken soup, it's good for your cold"! How about eggs? Wait... eggs also beef, turkey, lamb, most fish, dairy, vegetables and fruits are not just ok but are "healing foods" for B+ types!

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