Wednesday, April 10, 2013

'The Overnight Diet': New Weight Loss Plan Touts Sleep, Fasting

Makes sense that we compensate with food when not getting enough sleep and stressed.

Last September, two weeks after we moved to our current home, my mom had a stroke and died in December. The day of my mom's funeral my mother in law passed away, both moms had become good friends after spending many years vacationing with us in the summer.

We went from my mom's interment in Palm Springs to Long Island N.Y. for mother in law's funeral.

I was gaining weight, from emotional pain, insomnia and stress.

The doctor had all kinds of "drugs" to prescribe but meds would be harmful in the long run, so I requested a thorough blood test. Found I was low in Vitamin D. Researched vitamin D and found D is absolutely necessary to regulate hormones and for sleep.

I started taking D and now, after the worst is over, most of the time I sleep well and I am starting to drop the weight I gained.
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