Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To bathe or not

The flowing hair and touchable skin industry "natural products or not" profits enormously from selling the fastest way to dry skin and hair loss.

Brushing the hair with a natural bristle brush a few times every night and morning (used to be 100 strokes unless one suffering from hair loss) and a couple of times a week rinsing, and using a little water to style, and the once a week wash was the ritual.

A few years ago I had a rash and the dermatologist said the same to me. Adding that no one should wash daily no matter what products used. That unless one works around chemicals one should only wash daily three main parts: armpits, feet and genitalia with a mild soap and wash the entire body and hair two to three times a week to prevent dry aging skin and rashes. Read somewhere that to dry brush the body keeps skin glowing, and prevent skin problems.

The face takes the worst beating and not to prevent looking like a roadmap more products are not better. There was a time when I used mainly olive oil to clean my face, follow by warm/cold water rinses and Witch Hazel. Dabbed vitamin E under eyes and in dry places, and my skin glowed.
To Why Kiera Isn’t Going to Wash Her Hair: Part 1 article on  Prevention Magazine I say: is it going to be a daily hair brushing, three main parts washing and dry brushing, and an end to excessive face cleaning and pore clogging products?

Sure would like to read what others say and do.

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