Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The California Writers Club

Call for Entries! 
Fault Zone: Words from the Edge, an anthology of short stories, will be published this fall by the SF/Peninsula Branch of California Writers. Non-members of our branch are encouraged to submit their short stories in our writing contest. Your piece should relate to the anthology’s theme in some way. Interpret as you wish and have fun. We can’t wait to see it! 
First Prize is $300 and publication in our Fault Zone anthology. Second Prize is $100. Third Prize is $50. Contest deadline is Sept 30, 2011. Reading fee is $15. 
Previously published work will be considered. Novel excerpts must stand on their own. 
Submission Guidelines:  
Hard Copy Mailed In Submissions: 
Submit 2 copies of your short story or stand-alone novel excerpt. Title and author should be on each page, as well as page number. Include word count on first page. 
Please submit work typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times Roman, with standard margins.  
Word limit: 2,500 max. (more or less, within reason). Shorter entries are encouraged!  
Mail to: SF/Pen CWC, P.O. Box 853, Belmont, CA 94002 

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