Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Fiction University: Identifying a Loss of Momentum vs. Writer’s Block

This article gave me hope because for the last three days my brain has gone on strike!

Fiction University: Identifying a Loss of Momentum vs. Writer’s Block: By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy Some days, we sit down to write and the words won’t come. Are we blocked? Maybe not. Even before the p...

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Joyce, good post for the times we are living in, I am also in the seventies, and when reading your article, I divided that seven is a lucky number.

What I want in life and what I have to do to create it?

I want to publish the books living inside of me and my computer.

In words of my horoscope today, ” April  1, 2020 - If you feel moody or emotionally stuck about your place in life, lean on your power of vision to paint a picture of where you’d like to be instead. Today starts with a sense of escapism, and you may find yourself longing for a change of scenery and a break from the daily grind. But possibility arrives later on, and you're especially open to insights about how to build the life you desire. Listen to your inner urges behind the mundane details today, because your subconscious is full of clues on how to achieve your most fulfilled life.”

Is it April fools day?

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Sunday, March 29, 2020


T. S. Eliot once wrote, “good writers borrow, great writers steal.” In my youth to circumstances beyond my control, reading and daydreaming became my entertainment and best friends. 

Also, I lived in a culture filled with mystery and religion and thus developed in me a fascination for the supernatural, mysticism, prophecies, and damsels in distress that overcame their distress. And I especially sought out books about saints, creation, mythology, and history. 

So, I agree with Eliot to a point; since my series On Wings Of Immortals is inspired by favorite authors such as Auel, Mitchener, Castaneda, Rice, King, Kostova, and Coelho and of course Poe.

For more please go to Marta C Weeks

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Friday, March 06, 2020

Fiction University: What's My Motivation? Tips on Showing Character Mo...

Great tip! Sometimes, as in the first book of my series, the angel feels he is responsible for the virgin however it is she who went looking for him.

Fiction University: What's My Motivation? Tips on Showing Character Mo...: By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy Knowing what motivates a character to act not only makes for a great read, it also makes it easier to pl...

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

What to do?

Even though it has good reviews I am batteling between removing The Sylph's Tale, the first book of On Wings Of Immortals - series, or just adding the revised-complete version.

Why? The Sylph's Tale was published incomplete. The publicist says they submitted the complete manuscript, but Amazon and D2D say they released the file received but are willing to give those who bought it a free revised-complete version upon publication.

I am extremely grateful to those who like it. Missing chapters are:

My Cross - Chapter III
HAYA - Chapter IV
My Brethren - Chapter VIII
Grant Me Death - Chapter IIX
Dragons of Eternity - X

What say you?

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Monday, February 24, 2020

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Fiction Series

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Fiction Series: Avoid inconsistencies when writing a series and keep your readers happy by reviewing these five common mistakes found in fiction series.

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Novel Writing: 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Characters | Writer's Digest

Novel Writing: 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Characters | Writer's Digest: BY BRENDA JANOWITZ You simply cannot write a good novel without knowing your characters inside and out. Here are the top 10 questions you need to be able to answer about each of your characters:

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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Poem: Buckle


Let us not buckle 
Under greed, vulgarity and pomposity
Oh God help us not believe 
You are on the side of rioters
Abusers, greed and self-servers
Help us stand strong 
And return our country
To the respect and glory 
That led our forefathers 
To leave homeland and ancestry
Cross the oceans
To build a nation 
Not for pomp and powdered classes
But for freedom and equality
Jesus, Moses, Mohamed and Buddha
Rise amongst our people
Give us strength and purpose
For the time has come
To end immorality, greed and vanity
Ruling and toppling our nation
From the top of Lady Liberty’s flame
Into mire and stench.

By @MartaCWeeks2/5/2020

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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

New poem: Greener


If your heart quivers
For someone other
Than whom your with
Tell it that the other side
Is only greener
Until the fence is climbed
Or the gate is broken
And then
The true colors
Of disappointed longing
Or new flavors embraced
Turn into longings
One being greener than the other
In its commitment
For life is more than colors
And the heart beats
Not just in red
But in the passing of time
When what you want now
Becomes what you
Want no more
The self loses it’s soul
Hunger becomes a vice
And in looking
You lose who you are
And become the prey
Or predator
Of whims and dreams
Of what could have been 
Unfulfilled with longings 
That become the new
Lost and not found.


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We are back!

On Monday, we returned from our 15 days Panama Canal cruise and ten days of travel from Florida to Cincinnati, visiting my husband's siblings and their families. It was a grand vacation, but I long to return to Europe in particular to Lalin, Spain; that has a story I will tell soon.

During the cruise, while at sea, John edited and made significant contributions and suggestions on VIRGINS, book three of the series. He is not into holding back critiques to make me feel good and why I trust him. Also, an avid and very picky reader, so when he said, "you need to write a series about the men,"  I was surprised and more when he added, "I enjoyed reading it" and "look forward to book four."  That's ROLO, which I will give him in two weeks after he has knee surgery, and work gets done in our home that was scheduled for after we got back from our travels.

Also, reviews from other authors, the information I am reading, and online classes, have ushered in ideas on plot and story that I am excited to implement and write. Soooo, busy, busy busy!

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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

How plot twists affect a story

I found this article on Creating Plot Twists reassuring because, in a pivotal chapter of Ayekah the Damned, secrets are revealed, and all changes when a young virgin runs into the Archangel of Light's paradise. He falls for her,  she is empowered while he is damned.

Fiction University: Expect the Unexpected: Creating Plot Twists: By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy I'm up against a deadline this month to get a manuscript finished, so I'm dipping into the archi...

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Sunday, December 01, 2019

How was your Turkey day?

Last and this year I insisted on us hosting Thanksgiving. Craved the feel of family and love on my spaces! The patter of little feet and voices of those I love resonate inside our walks. The fussing in a kitchen that now only John and I use. But, like the song goes “that’s over now.” I informed family that I give it back to them. Not that it wasn’t fun!

Its so much nicer and easier for family and both of us to go to our kids or grandkids homes. We live far from everyone and those who like to host do such a bang up job! I used to be like that and now I am puttered out and that’s ok. Lesson learned although last year it was great fun, most of my girls even belly danced!

Today I am finally wooing into the nitty greedy of what I, other than our family, love the most: my writing!

 While doing edits and revisions on book 2, Ayekah the Damned, third draft I am also creating, for each chapter, a synopsis, character list and main events notes. Yes it’s taking time but I am a perfectionist and because it’s a four book series - so far - the information serves as great reference. John (my nit picky and fearless husband) is editing the complete third draft of book 3, VIRGINS. Last will be the third draft of ROLO, book 4.

So very excited! However if I we both weren’t research nuts writing, revising and editing, these books would be a real drag but we both love to lookup and get facts of what cones as the book flows out of me or we edit and revise. The entire series is based on mythology and from ancient to current times and in so many different times and places that research in anthropology and history are essential; but I love it! Get lost in it!

Look at the view of rain falling on trees behind a beautiful bouquet one of my girls brought.
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Fiction University: 14 Days of Writing Prizes, Starting...NOW!

Fiction University: 14 Days of Writing Prizes, Starting...NOW!: By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy It’s the season of giving, so I

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

About Magical Realism

Thank you Oprah Magazine, the authors listed on the Magical Realism article are some of my favorite and could list several more. I, so far have thought and called my series Fantasy based on Mythology but that category has not felt entirely correct and because of this article I realize that Wings of Immortals- my series is Magical Realism. Information on my series can be found at:

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

In the thick of it (beware: contains adult content)

Beware: contains adult content. Fantasy series based on Mythology.

To those waiting for Ayekah the Damned, please bear with me. We are deep into edits and revisions for the next three books of the entire Wings Of Immortals - series.  

I decided to complete the series first - it has a life of its own and keeps growing. Meantime The Sylph's Tale is still selling on Amazon and getting great reviews. To those who purchase it, because it was published missing chapters, the publishers and I will offer a free Ayekah the Damned book when released. 

Both start with the Archangel's seduction by a virgin destined to changed humankind. For information on the entire series, please go to WINGS OF IMMORTALS - SERIES

To take a break, now and then, from this very SEDUCTIVE and TWISTY, TURNY series I am preparing to publish a Poetry Chapbook, have over 80 poems for it, some are on Hello Poetry I love HP. Also doing edits on Ayekah the Damned screenplay, as I've shared, it won a third-place award.

Not nuts yet but very excited. I hope you stick with me and love the Wings Of Immortals - series!

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