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How much writing and editing is enough?

The topic of how much editing and re-writing, how many words to a good novel is enough and sticking to a solid writing schedule are topics that haunt me into practical not-writing at all paralysis.

I listen to Youtube by authors about writing however, I must remember that we are all different and sometimes their advice is not possible for me to follow. 
I posted on my author Facebook page: A writer I know personally said, "I write every day in order to be a good novelist." Asked, "how is it that nothing ever interrupts your writing schedule?" His wife was sitting next to him as we spoke. Looking at her he said, "no matter what, even if we have company, I go into my office and write form 6-9 pm." Well.... maybe if I had a wife.... not putting anyone down but a lot of times things come up that I have to take care off and how about when we travel or are with family?

Then I came to this article that had flagged "must read" Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' and got some more feedback. The comments are worth reading but my question is: The thing is how much, when and where do you write?

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Hi and welcome! : ON THE WINGS OF IMMORTALS - A SERIES: BOOK ONE THE SYLPH’S TALE aka   AYEKAH THE DAMNED Fantasy/Mythology- approx. 30thousand  words Warning: This...


Book One


Fantasy/Mythology- approx. 30thousand  words

Warning: This story contains sexual elements that might offend some readers. 
Copyright√£2017 by Marta C. Weeks

The Sylph’s Tale is a story of passion, discovery, and magic based on ancient history, anthropology, mythology, and science.

A young girl escaping a barbarian ritual encounters an angel who rescues her. This mystical being falls in love with her and, together, they modify the culture and habits of her rudimentary society.
Note to returning readers: Thanks for your great reviews on Amazon and Draft2Digital even though The Sylph's Tale was published missing four chapters. Author and publishers will offer free copies to those who bought the incomplete book.
The screenplay: From ISA 2017 contest - "This has imagination and touches on the mythic and spiritual in ways that are not typical.”
On TableReadMyScreenplay.com (first paragraph of six-pages) The Sylph's Tale made for a most unusual read. It's very rare for a script to try something quite as experimental as this. The choice to format the story more as a series of vignettes from a creation myth than as a linear narrative made for an attention-grabbing opening. There is a certain charm to the way much of its dialogue and description is handled, as well as a lot of potential in the underlying themes of the story. Fallen angels appear in many stories, but it's far less common to see through the angels' own eyes. For source and all comments see: From Paper to Screen

Ayekah and Hayaare not evil but might have been taken over by dark powers similar to Mesoamerican myths about beings of the underworld. Stone tablets in Utah. Rites can be found in: rites and caves as sacred space in Mesoamerica.amazon.comlilith the mother of all dark creatures: e. r. vernor: 9781511701877: amazon.com: books,
Ayekah’s story:  The name Ayekah is found in Genesis 3:9. After Adam and Eve eat from the forbidden tree God asked Adam “where are you” which is ayeka in Hebrew. Ayekah could be like Samael’s fallen angel myth, often referenced as the "watchers, holy ones" or the “holy ones.” Also, watchers that "fell" after they became "enamored" with human women.” and in “the Greek transcription as Grigori.[17] including Enoch (10.4),[18] link the angel's transgression with the great deluge.[19] 
Haya’s story: In mythology, strong women can be depicted as horned creatures as a way to portray their power as evil. Haya, the innocent, is akin to Lilith who is Samael’s counterpart and can seduce angels. Haya can mean “to live or “have life,” or ‘’to give” or “restore life”; (Genesis 25:6, Joshua 3:10), lively (2 Samuel 23:20) and reviving (Genesis 18:10, 2 Kings 4:16). Also, Nashiym, the Lilim who seduced the watchers. Samael's counterpart and a mother of demons seen seducing the fallen angels as Naamah; after the fall, they had daughters: Nashiym, the Lilim who seduced the watchers. “Wholly new in the Kabbalistic concept of Lilith is her appearance as the permanent partner of Samael, queen of the realm of the forces of evil (the Sitra Ahra).” And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. Revelations 12:16.

Book II



Paranormal/base on ancient history. Approx. 50,000 words

The saga of mystery and otherworldly power continues when in 1958 the first generation of female twins from Haya’s fetus are born. One is fertile and gives birth to twins. The infertile one is the watcher and guide.
As in Holy Writs, Naamah after the fall had daughters; the twins are as moss on a stone of destiny in what at times are terrifying ordeals. Beautiful and haunting, endowed with a sixth sense they rebel wanting but cannot deny that their otherworldly encounters are beyond their control.
Ayekah forms The Retais to control and influence his angel/humans but they are fearless, even when confounded by ancestral writs, voices, and apparitions. There comes a time when not even Ayekah can alter events and the last born are not twins. But two women driven to learn what they suspect is their exact origin and to transform their destiny.

Book III

Paranormal/ Science-fiction.Approx. 50,000 words

Powerful forces - disguised in different forms -  influence generations of Haya and Ayekah’s brethren.  The last born Rayena (Ray) Gentray and Aryana (Ary) Delmars are not twins but born to each of the last set of twins.
Ray becomes a Geneticist and Ary a Parapsychologist. Ayekah tries to protect them while Sigrud Liera (Sig), a scientist of unknown origin, uses Tardell, his powerful organization,  to control them as he underhandedly infiltrates The Retais.
Ray builds a research site near Rio San Juan as head of a cloning project and battles with good and evil besieged by apparitions when she captures a unique species of Salamander; she names ROLO. Her aim is to heal illnesses, but Sig wants ROLO for birthing human mutants.
Ary, compelled to stop Ray, enlists the help of Alex, a movie producer and Ray’s lover. But days before the 1992 Nicaragua hurricane Mitch, ”Sig makes Ray, Ary and himself a living part of the first human/android, ROLO. Not even Ayekah is able to save Ray and ROLO as they disappear in waters of destruction.

Possible Book IV


In a battle for eternal life between greed and magical powers, humankind almost becomes extinct. Ray and Ary join forces to infiltrate Tardell and destroy ancestral shackles that keep them bound to a destiny they come to refute.

Author bio
After three decades in public service - last two as Research Analyst – Marta C. Weeks is now dedicated to her dream of being an author. Before her career, during college, she hosted a local nonprofit TV, show did extensive social work and was a dance instructor.  
Debilitated by poliomyelitis, unable to play like other children, Marta read by a small window under the light of a bulb hanging from the ceiling in the attic of her grandparents’ store where books waited to go on shelves or those no one wanted gathered dust.  
She started her writing career by freelancing  for a few online periodicals, joined author groups, attended conferences, workshops and classes she has published some poetry and now, still dedicated to honing her craft,  she writes riveting stories based on historical facts, myths and prophecies, with characters and settings that arouse a desire to read more. 
Marta lives in Northern California with her spouse/editor. Her social media sites include Facebook: Marta C. Weeks http://www.martacweeks.com/p/auhtors-bio.html

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Looking for readers

So...I’m busier than a one arm paperhanger. Getting ready to republish The Sylph’s Tale. If you are interested in giving me ruthless feedback (critiques) before publication I will love you forever!!! And ever


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A site that delivers what it promises

Hi, I don't get paid for sharing I just like Sandra Beckwith of BuildBookBuzz.com not just because she doesn't gauge authors but because she delivers what she promises, such as The 365 emails!



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Hi and welcome!: What's going in with my series?

Hi and welcome!: What's going in with my series?: Hi, final edits in book one of the series, The Sylph’s Tale, are going great.  I am very gratefull for reader comments directly to me ...

What's going in with my series?

Hi, final edits in book one of the series, The Sylph’s Tale, are going great. 

I am very gratefull for reader comments directly to me and on Amazon. Delighted that so many loved the story even though it got published incomplete and immensely grateful to those who want to comment on chapters before republication. 

Inerested  in reading chapters before republication? Please let me know.

 I will send readers one chapter at a time. With the first chapter, I will include character mythology, genealogy, and history that will include what to expect in the first three books.

YouTube videos on Spilberg’s viewpoint

”Spielberg's Point of Thought
This video breaks down one the best secret pro tip from director Steven Spielberg. Through scene analyses and examples, we share how you can show the point of view inside a character's mind.”


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Hi and welcome!: Small steps, big changes

Hi and welcome!: Small steps, big changes: Spring is almost here, tomorrow we change our clocks, it's also a good time to take a small inventory about how we can make more time f...

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Small steps, big changes

Spring is almost here, tomorrow we change our clocks, it's also a good time to take a small inventory about how we can make more time for ourselves on earth or just improve our health with steps.

My daily horoscope said, but I think it's good for everyone: "take a long look today at what you can do to improve your health. Developing a positive routine is an excellent gift to give yourself, even if you’re already hale and hearty. The good news is that science has proven it only takes three weeks to replace one pattern of behavior with another. Whether it’s altering your exercise regime, changing your diet, or ending a bad habit, starting now increases your chances for long-term success. Every day is a fresh start." 

I don't buy into all the other readings, have not found them necessary but I enjoy the Daily Horoscope reading. I get nothing for anyone signing up but here is the link  -- Signup now!

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Used To Bee

All that was, and we were 
Being there done that

What went 
Leaving in memories how it was
When my faith was holier than yours

My church blessed by the ”real” god
As my priest or preacher assured
As he or she put robes on
And blessed all, 
With the hand of god
Given to him/ger by whom?

Told us who we were
Learned us on how to be
Where to go and do
Matter, or not 
For that's how we know
Not how to fly
But when to sidestep ditches

Lookout for the danger of feelings
Learn  how not to dig old land mines
And expect won't explode
Leaving us shattered
Lost and not found 

Reflections for Lent

Hi and welcome!: Grant me Ashes

Hi and welcome!: Grant me Ashes: My Lent Meditations Grant me Ashes God, as I understand you grant me the valor to see truth not what I fear,  want to se...

Grant me Ashes

My Lent Meditations

Grant me Ashes
God, as I understand you
grant me the valor to see truth
not what I fear, 
want to see, or want it to be.

An eye for reality
and another for day dreaming 
a mouth to speak truth but not 
push it on others. 

A mind to remember my messy tracks, 
mistakes and faults,
what I need to accept or change 
but please
don't bother me too much because 
it's my time 
to kick back, breakout and do 
my thing.

Compassion to accept
that reality can be hard or healing 
and good or rough at times,
can build esteem with mistakes
despite screams and frowns, 
from others.

Help me live this day not counting 
blessings nor messes
not taking everyone’s inventory 
and standing up for myself and others 
even when on my butt.



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Great information and giveaways for authors!


Are you frustrated and even overwhelmed by tons of sites that promise struggling authors a lot but only deliver rehashed stuff at a high price?

 As a struggling author and get bombarded with promises of help in writing and publishing but usually get rehashed stuff.

I am not paid to write this, just sharing because someone shared it with me and it has delivered as promised. I am talking about Sandra Beckwith.

Sandra Beckwith

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On The Wings Of Immortals - a series: Free self publishing advice

On The Wings Of Immortals - a series: Free self publishing advice: Self-publishing advice can be very expensive so when I find a site or author that truly helps for FREE with excellent information I am tha...

Free self publishing advice

Self-publishing advice can be very expensive so when I find a site or author that truly helps for FREE with excellent information I am thankful and share it. Some of those who provide free, and GOOD, advice include:

Am actual publishing site: Draft2Digital: https://www.draft2digital.com/mcw
And authors: 

K.M. Weiland,  https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/?s=publishing
 Joanna Penn, Industry Insider: How to self-publish your novel (with Joanna Penn)