Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Free book, limited time


The first hook, DESCRIPTIONS

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Pitch Fest at SavvyAuthors

Today I entered the pitch fest provided by SavvyAuthors, a good site for writers! Thanks to all the agents and publishers!


Here is what I pitched:

Adult Fantasy/Paranormal 
60,0000 words 
Author: Marta C Weeks 

Who is Haya? A story of love unfolds when Ayekah, the Archangel, falls for Haya. From them is born a powerful sisterhood in a web of intrigue that moves the heart and terrifies the senses. Ayekah's quest becomes to be human or make Haya eternal. 

Thank you for the opportunity to pitch. 
Virgins, is not published but I have started to promote it on my Blog and Facebook author page: 
Blog: http://www.martacweeks.com/p/vrigins.html 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martacweeks/

Wish me luck!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

In Tribute to President Barack Obama, poem

In Tribute to President Barack Obama
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Even ghosts
Once slaves
From graves
Of oppression
To see Barack

His eyes
With humility
Head high
Steady voice

All witness
His assent
Over mountains
Of Whites, Blacks
Browns and Yellow
Multiplicity of life

In triumph
Barack takes
Bigotry's flames
To dreams that lift
Into stars, of equality

And God of all
A son has risen

Marta C. Weeks
January 20, 2009


Sunday, February 05, 2017

Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

In case you didn't see this amazing show!!!

Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show


The insanity I feel and Santa Clarita Diet

Feeling shame, still in my jammies, from the Zero G setting of our Sleep Number bed, I say, "see you later; I love you, bring me a plate." My husband asks, "sure you don't want to join Super Bowl fun?" He's going to family and friends, "hate to go without you." I hear some resentment in his voice as he packs a casserole he made.

I don't love contact sports, but at times I watch even if somewhat indifferent to the cheers and dispute about one team or play. So it's hurtful to admit that at present, my life revolves around politics. Surely there are other things I can be doing! Also, I hate people who dramatize everything, and in my circle, I have become the drama queen of politics.

So, I settled to watch C-SPAN, while playing Sudoku and drenching my biscotti in coffee. I get wrapped into discussions of how Trump's source, other than TWITTER, is junk news and liars, and how, more than any other president, he is suing for liable and messing up, nationally and internationally.

As people already deeply affected riot. I feel trapped between there is something I can do and everything will be ok. After all, I'm not at the helm of the world events and at times, even powerless in my life. But aren't we all in humanity an essential part of the crew?

Is there no escape?

I could basket weave, baskets that my grandchildren will probably cherish. Or could call friends, read, pray, but when the baskets and books are gathering dust, will I get comfort from escaping and ignoring the freedoms we are losing?

Other things don't seem vital or lasting, and I care, as never before, to give voice and pen to what can make an immense impact in our lives. But I must admit, even though I hate to, that I am still recovering from a cold turned sinusitis and if you have been on antibiotics, asthma medication and prednisone, well you might understand that my mind might not presently be mine.

So now should I take a nap or play solitaire on my iPad?

On that note, have you watched the new comedy about the zombie mom? Oh, you must if you also feel trapped in the squirrel cage that amid ongoing insanity normality must be maintained. The husband says to the wife, who must now eat people, "from now on we fuck everything together." And she replies, "I'm sorry babe, I'm just not the pound on me kind..."

I relate to Santa Clarita Diet:  "The dead are completely ruled by their id" and must admit that I also have a secret; I just can't seem to put crazy on the shelve and embrace the normal that is slowly going off the rails.


Saturday, February 04, 2017


As if I'm awakening to a reality that was always there. I become aware that there is nothing I can do at times but look for the opportunity to do something meaningful. Even a bit that is just minutely significant.

Such as finding a way not to contribute to the cruelty of a Republican ideology that is becoming more abusive to those that feed it. No different than the once plantation owners accused the slaves, who made their empires, of laziness, inability, and stupidity. Today’s tycoons and politicians demean those who labor for wanting adequate pay to survive. And feel that it's too much to ask for healthcare, food, housing and a meager retirement without them raking in huge profits.

That they who labor to create their empires, under the heap of their greed, like the slaves who once emptied the piss-pots of the lords and masters, be treated as worthless humans who must be ignored.

And beguiled the nation's leaders become slaves to the greed of demeaning the base, the humanity, and the mainstay of everyday life. And follow with shame loaded in excuses those who glamorize their greed and pomposity as having made it and not needing anyone. Those who think of themselves as powerful must be stopped from taking all. It is why I am finally joining the fold, as one person, to walk with the majority of our country into abhorring the party politics that propagates greed.

Never before has Republican indulgence threatened the lifeblood of the country and drawn the very people whom they seek to defile by calling Democrats socialists. The odds must be evened out for those who carry the load and continue to trudge. No, not for pity but to do right in anger against the injustice that unbridled capitalism breeds and belches in our faces.

Marta C. Weeks 2/4/2017

In collaboration with John C Weeks

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Possible problems from LASIK surgery

Beware of possible side effects and problems. Please share the enclosed link and information with those who have had LASIK surgery, the symptoms listed can indicate complications.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

“The Days Don’t Stop” for Aleppo by Zeina Hashem Beck


the Tyrants sleep like gods
the Diplomats regret
the Diplomats are at their dinner tables
the Dancers dance
the Baker bakes the Bread rises 
the Earth orbits
the Mothers weep
the Fathers weep
the Children walk in their coats
the Children know
a law against killing people in houses
is not the same as not killing people in houses
the Rain drops
the Poet writes the dead
City’s name
the dead City remains dead open
like a cow hung in the cold of the slaughterhouse
the Lovers touch
the Singers sing
the Nightmares know
dreaming of being buried under the rubble
is not the same as being buried under the rubble
the Morning comes
the Bookkeepers count the Deaths & Births
the holy Book says
whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it
& whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it
O eternal Cinematographer
the Deeds flicker
on the screens of Hell & Heaven
the fallen building keeps falling
the Saved have no Peace
the tides of Blood & Hope eat the body like a disease
O Lord please do not heal us

Poets Respond
December 18, 2016
[download audio]
Zeina Hashem Beck: “This poem is for Aleppo.” (website)
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Friday, December 16, 2016

Alaska woman sues to block electors from voting for Trump | KTVA 11

Alaska woman sues to block electors from voting for Trump | KTVA 11: A Hillary Clinton supporter from Anchorage is suing Alaska’s three members of the Electoral College, claiming their anticipated votes for President-elect Donald Trump next Monday will violate her constitutional rights. Janice Park’s lawsuit will be heard Thursday in federal court in Anchorage. It claims that since Clinton is winning the overall nationwide popular vote, her …

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thank you, Les Edgerton

Marta Weeks shared Les Edgerton's post.
Published by Marta C WeeksNovember 23 at 3:20pm
Les Edgerton
Got my first review on the recent release of my novel, THE DEATH OF TARPONS. Made my day! Hope others will pick it up and honor me with a review. Here's what Ireland's Gerald O'Connor had to say about it:
5.0 out of 5 starsA beautiful tale of heart-ache and redemption
By Gerald O'Connor on 11 Nov. 2016
Verified Purchase
The Death of Tarpons by Les Edgerton is a coming-of-age book set in Freeport, Texas in 1955. It tells the story of Corey John, who, on facing his own death, returns to his hometown and recounts the harrowing days of a pivotal summer in his life when he was fourteen years of age. I read this story in one four-hour sitting, and, as a fan of Mark Twain, found it absurdly enjoyable for the similar tone and styles Edgerton employs. The voice is almost autobiographical, and the prose is evocative and rich without ever being stilted. The story itself appears simple at first, but the minute I read a few pages I was drawn in by the character of young Corey and the world and times of the setting.
Corey John lives in a house where his mother is slowly losing her mind to religion and his father physically abuses him. Despite this, Corey is desperate for his father’s love, and dreams of doing anything to become the man his father wishes he were. There’s such an obvious mismatch between father and son, and the conflict that arises from this is both brutal and painful to read. Every time the young boy attempts to please his father something happens to drive them further apart, and the violence that erupts is vicious at times. Even though the logic and worlds of Corey and his father are completely incompatible, you always have this hankering for them to unite. This constant push-and-pull created a tug of war in my head. The way Edgerton wrote this, I couldn’t help but side with both the kid and dad at various times, and as such it made for an uncomfortable read. But this no negative. Certainly not. It is what makes it so sweet. The story pulls no punches, showing parents and kids as real people with a bit of good and bad in them and all the bits in between. Edgerton presents the world as it is without any of that saccharin sweetness that seems to pervade literature and film these days.
The structure of the book is also worth noting. The first and last chapters are set in present day, book-ending the main story-line to create a very satisfying conclusion. By setting the book up in this manner, the tale of fourteen-year-old Corey appears to be no more than a fleeting thought in the older man’s mind. And yet we get to spend time in Freeport with the Texas sun and Jax Beer and Corey and his friend Destin and their maid Inez and it all feels wonderfully real.
In the end, The Death of Tarpons is about a boy on the cusp of manhood, finding redemption and strength in himself amidst a world full of violence and good. It may be set in older times, but it’s relevance is timeless. For all these reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend it to all.
Marta Weeks
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Marta Weeks Hi Less, you have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to get your thanks! You are one of the very few famous authors who take the time to be cordial and helpful to beginning writers like myself. Your book HOOKED is an excellent book on writing. You are also one of the most giving authors I know. I hope its ok that I am posting your thank you and the review for your new book The Death of Tarpons, on my web: martacweeks.com
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Marta Weeks
Here it is.