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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A good insight into revising

Always feeling the need to revise and into revising be it a small piece as this post or a book, such as the over 160k words I am looking to publish, is tiresome or overwhelming - to the point of procrastination -  and going by the advice of others can make it an ever-changing task.
Inside this article, Emerging Writers Guest Post #46 – A Must Read – Hilary Retig & The 7 Secrets of the Prolific (don't let the awkward title fool you)  is good insight such as,  "Perfectionists tend to see their projects as long strings of words – and there’s a natural tendency, when you have that viewpoint, to want to start at the beginning of a piece and write straight through till, “The End.” It’s much more productive to view your work as a landscape" 

I see the advice as usefully creative and immediately get the unstuck feeling from revising and gulp in the hope that yes it is doable and my take is: continue to read the article, and I will consider following the writer. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

In writing, learn from the winners.

I learned long ago a life saving lesson, "learn from the winners" and in everything the lesson is valid.

In writing to learn from those that have actually written and published best selling books I  look forward to reading, and authors I follow is the lesson. Here is a free - and free is rare in this industry - youtube from Ann Rice, a best selling author I follow and look forward to reading.

In relating her experience, Anne Rice also gives advice to new writers and humbly add, write what you fear. I hope Anne agrees with me because when the angel of the story I'm looking to publish first came to me he scared me nearly to death.

Click here to view youtube.

New Literary Agent Alert: Roz Foster of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

New Literary Agent Alert: Roz Foster of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
New with Diijstra and seeking clients.

Writing: Is It a Hobby or a Job?

Writing: Is It a Hobby or a Job?
For me it could be both since I was paid for freelance writing.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Could be life changing

A must watch that could be life changing. Woke up and after this and that, while waiting for coffee, went to an email from John Ward on Writer's Discussion Group Google+  who shared a link about self-published  author Hugh Howey that led to a Hoff Post Live interview with four of the top self published authors, here is the link.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your own writing seminar!

Here is one of the links I go to find good and free youtubes on writing are many on all subjects. You can join for free and get updates. Have your own seminar and or invite other writers and use for topic discussion. I listen to them while I cook or do house work, or even walk, exercise and or primp myself.  They inspirate and inform me when I'm blah about writing/publishing etc. (you know that 'what the heck am I doing' place).

Protect yourself when traveling!

Passport or Wallet is Lost or Stolen while Traveling: Now What?
It is not just about getting on the boat, ship or train, it is about preparing to be safe when traveling. It is not unusual for travelers to get stranded and or go broke because of lost or stolen documents or credit cards. To be safe and prevent the preventable:  "Make copies: Make copies of all important documents including credit cards, passport, online tickets for attractions or excursions and airline boarding passes..." Read the article to be better prepared and consider leaving copies of all those documents at home with someone you truly trust.

Self-Publishing Is Destroying the WORLD! Oh, nooooooo!

Self-Publishing Is Destroying the WORLD! Oh, nooooooo!
A well known, traditionally published author who has written over 30 books, and is currently on contract with a traditional publisher for more books, speaks the truth "I’m also in complete disagreement with the premise of this piece that self-published ebook pricing represents devaluation of books whereas publisher ebook prices represent a position of valuable books, authors, and literature that’s now under threat." Still... to a new author... getting into a traditional publishing company like....being accepted by the stuck-up bullies in the schoolyard?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sleeper to best seller

The fairy tale changed publishers don't ride white stallions by the moon and sun to lean over a sleeping beauty, and readers –swamped with data - scan cyberspace. So, in getting ready to take my supernatural and passionate being out to enchant, frighten and beguile readers I cannot remain a cyber-virgin. In this Writing Sense article Do Writers Need Social Networks? I found pointers on best sites to network because "networks are a big part of why a bunch of self-published books recently started making the New York Times Bestsellers List. They are the reason that one author reported selling 80,000 copies of their ebook in 10 days."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Famous author's advice "If You Wish To Be A Writer, Have Sex With Someone Who Works In Publishing"

And here I was thinking I'll NEVER get published without a Masters in lit. Well it looks like it is lit but not the lit in books. 
I do immensely respect Joyce Carol Oates, and maybe even more now that she has come out of the publishing closet. Oates says, "As an author with a half century of literary success behind me, I can assure you the only way to make it in this industry is to meet as many publishers as you possibly can and then fuck them." And a lot more on the article published by The Onion Jun 4, 2013

Learning marketing

Marketing is not just for self publishing, nowadays publishers want authors to have a marketing plan and online presence. Also, be wary about what self-publishers offer, things like cards and postcards are not as useful as solid guidance and reliability. After the "sale is done" you might not get what you expected, so a little research goes a longways. 
Today I listened to a She Writes self- publishing you-tube, click HERE to view, it is packed with information. 
Look at Social Media as your book agents. About 3-6 months before your book comes out:  get a Facebook, Twitter and Blog presence. Go to your favorite authors sites and follow them, see who they follow, check out their favorite sites. Use SEO, the social cooperation that will help sell your book, getting the word out on your website or blog is complex, click HERE for a link I found useful. For tooting your book-up there are sites such as: and FIVERR: what you will do for $ 
A new site on Amazon is Kindle Singles where one can submit short stories, poetry and even a self contained chapter, but not from a published book unless  is a published Kindle book.
To copy-write click HERE.
If you don't have a database to announce your book try: and Don't  forget a good Press Release and incentives to sign up on your site. Do a book-trailer on youtube, showing cover and sample pages. If you need someone to help you write your book try:
Note: There are many YouTube sites on self publishing. For in person marketing, find places to showcase and or read from your book or  give a class.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Why the sudden huff about the Patriot Act?

Even what Republicans call 'main stream media' is making a deal about the Patriot Act and linking President Obama to it at every snuff. Could it be a result of their declining viewership since it seems that the populace has developed an appetite for scandal porn  - so readily served by the make-up-stuff media.
The Patriot Act  that has every American checking even their toilet roll for a bug was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001.  The title, "a ten letter acronym (USA PATRIOT) that stands for Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.
When the ACLU tried to get the act reformed - so opposed by Republicans and  assorted media - that on May 26, 2011 Congress passed a four-year extension without tail-raisings by those now so eager to protect us!
The truth is not so juicy President Obama has said that although the Patriot Act is valuable in protecting America "The American people must be given the opportunity to evaluate the facts about this program and its broad scope for themselves so that this debate can begin in earnest." 

Students feeding the hungry!
Let's hope that this meaningful activity will not be curtailed by the powers that want to take food from the needy and school lunches, and keep food prices escalating by paying farmers not to grow food and or throw food away.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Looming food-stamp cuts split Democrats, anger anti-hunger groups | McClatchy

Looming food-stamp cuts split Democrats, anger anti-hunger groups | McClatchy

How dare Democrats vote for such a sin. 
Billions more to farmers not to grow crops, or to waste food, just to keep food prices escalating while cutting food stamps and school lunches!
People that voted for those Democrats need to reconsider. 
NO I DO NOT use or get food stamps, so it's not about me. I do pay taxes and care where my money goes!