Monday, November 19, 2012

We Gather at the Table for Some Thanksgiving Favorites

We Gather at the Table for Some Thanksgiving Favorites
Love this recipes! if I didn't feel so sick I would cook-up some, I love to cook, but I hate to continue feeling sick so priority one is: get well.

Monday, November 12, 2012

On reading: The Party Next Time

Was reading The Party Next Time, an excellent article on The New Yorker by Ryan Lizza, and have to say that no self-respecting Hispanic/Latin will vote for their own kind just because.
Most Hispanics/Latins immigrated from political cultures that didn't take into account the rights of the working class much less the poor, and without workers no one prospers and if the poor are not helped, more become poor.
Did anyone listen to Romney tell that his parents got welfare? President Obama's mom was a single parent and at times needed help.
I am lucky that, even though I came from a wealthy and politically influential family, my grandparents - self made people - never forgot were they came from and inculcated, at least in me, a respect for humanity beyond having or religious bias. They respected all religions even in their time and in a Catholic country.
It is appalling how so-called conservatives take ownership of God and that is very damming for God is not a thing. They fight against moral issues, such as abortion, but don't give a dam for those in need and will go as far as to say, "don't feed them, they'll just keep growing more". That mentality cripples and must be eradicated along with the belief that minorities are Democrats because they "want something for nothing".
MOST people who have made great strides have risen from down and out, and those who propagate a different view, and so much discrimination against those who need people, must shut-up; they are making millions form distorting truths and feeding discord. They have destroyed the Republican Party.
I am an Independent, because I will not vote or make decisions based on party politics, and yes, I voted for all Democrats because when the old does not work, it’s not my place to fix it. God doesn’t create junk…just saying.

On the hoof

Getting parents on the hoof is the kind of thing that would have become an epidemic if Republicans had won the election. With their "borrow from your parents" policy, the ads we are all aware off, by the lending industry, that make us feel 'guilty' if we don't mortgage our homes or 'save' - not for our retirement but for our kids education – would be like weeds on the landscape of our perdition.  It is very noble – if one is able, to save for kid’s education; even though most of us had to pay for own college. But isn’t is possible that those who don’t just get the college money from their parent's hide will work harder to get ‘good grade’ grants and will pay the consequences of loans that they incurred for the wrong reasons? Just saying...

"Poet Jack Gilbert's time of triumph and loss"

Famous author Anne Rice posted on Facebook "Hello, People of the Page. Jack Gilbert is a great American poet I've mentioned here before. Here is an article about him from today's Los Angeles Times. His latest book is available on Amazon and at other vendors"
I immediately went to the page and read  "Poet Jack Gilbert's time of triumph and loss" I write poetry myself, and in one brief passage of Gilbert's prose: "What if the heart does not pale as the body wanes / but is like the sun that blazes hotter each day / on these immense, perishing fields? What then?" just that bit of immense feeling, Gilbert took me into his world and heart.
Thank you Anne Rice for opening the way to those like myself who did not know Jack Gilbert. I am touched that Gilbert was a former steal worker, and that at Gilbert's readings crowd ordinary people "interested in serious literature and looking for the illumination of a heart they recognized as their own."
Written by John Penner the article about Gilbert, who is now in a nursing home, reminds me of a poem a carpenter, my late husband Victor, wrote: “I’ve torn heaven from the skies/ Made of hell a paradise/ Forgiven God, forgiven the devil/ Does anyone have a dime?”
As I continued to read I sob for my mom Carmen, who not long ago was vital and now is also in a nursing home after a sudden stroke: her days feel like petals falling from the garden of flowers she once tended.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

WHOA: Tagg Romney Caught On Tape Saying He Wanted To Take A Swing At The President

...Tagg learned from the Mitts... to bully... disrespect... think of himself better than, and threaten with abuse... a Democrat.ticket will stop Congress and House gridlock by bullies...

WHOA: Tagg Romney Caught On Tape Saying He Wanted To Take A Swing At The President

Lilly Ledbetter Broke The Glass Ceiling Whether Mitt Romney Respects That Or Not

...not ready to throw away "equal rights" like, wages, voting, education, and reproductive choices? .... don't want sweatshop wages and working conditions?... vote Democratic to stop Congress and House gridlock.... grow America and with America made... Republicans say anything... but truth is profit before people... firing not hiring... corporations rule... workers are "those 47%"...don't elect big-daddy-bullyboys... little women get pushed under...

Lilly Ledbetter Broke The Glass Ceiling Whether Mitt Romney Respects That Or Not

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tip-toe my tulips when I'm six feet under.

For those questioning my: Catholicism, Independent political affiliation, support of President Obama, aghast against continued Republican oppressions of Constitutional Rights, and why I am so politically opinionated (it might hurt my publishing and my life etc.,) read on.

To tiptoe through tulips about what makes life great in this United States and why so many want to live here - democracy and human rights - is not why I do FITS etc., (social media).  I am who I am and to me POLITICS matters.  I do not  “diss” others because I’m “out-there” and they are not. In my childhood I saw: people’s rights violated; the absence of human rights for all other than for those that had the race card, money, power and prestige; a street full of students, in the middle of the night, killed for protesting. Prayed for the courageous families of friends incarcerated for opposing oppression, grandparents that cared for others raised me and I certainly don’t want to die holding a “feel-good” or “life is great with head under sand” sign.

Still a Catholic raised a Catholic, but also a Jew as some of my ancestors were, and for that matter a multi-racial person. I am a registered Independent because I am willing to listen to truth, values and principles, but will not vote for personalities, bigotry, condescension and suppression.  Politically opinionated because politics has the power to do and undo. Learned from those that did right, and those that didn’t, and decided that right is worth trumpeting about.

If I never am published because of my “runeth at the mouth” oh well, I will not die as a best seller without a cause.

Right To Assemble (Informational Paper)

Right To Assemble (Informational Paper)

To call demonstrators "INSURGENTS" and gatherings an "INSURGENCY” is the new Republican label to violate - another constitutional right - the FIRST AMENDMENT. Demonstrators against President Obama were encouraged to carry violent signs and carry weapons  - even incited into violence acts, told to "re-load" by Republicans; yet, authorities and the press did nothing. Who are the REAL suppressors? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012