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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What President Obama has done

We must continue our efforts. Here is a site that tells most of what President Obama and his administration with he help of some courageous Republicans have done, spread the word.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A political Ponzi scheme

Clinton's warning: Tea Party is a corporate front

A political Ponzi scheme that pays returns by raising unexpected candidates to the top? Angry at possible losses because of fair government? Paid for by investors, rather than by the people? Enticing by offering glory to keep the scheme going?

Republicans give the cuts to the middle.

Obama makes a tax cut threat

Haven't you heard? The t-party is wiping you out because the uppers went form millions to billions while most in the middle - 90% of the population and small businesses - closed shop, lost their homes, are jobless form big industry importing worker and exporting jobs, and going bankrupt from your financial gambling.

Elizabeth Warren will restore sanity to the financial sector.

Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren in her own words

I beleive that Elizabeth Warren will regulate the fiancial sector in a fair way.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Palin pen endorsement keeps on squealing.

The Democratic fear-based strategy

Fear of loosing the 'white power'

Why the GOP embraced Islamophobia

Balls of phobia's are spreading like wild fire over America and any Americans who don't fit the good old "white" profile are discriminated on. Fear of loosing the 'white power' is at the center of a tremendous culture resistance to all differences. Prejudice is gone hog wild as the 10% dysfunctional rule the masses.

Triple Exposure

Sara Haile-Mariam speaks at One Nation Working Together press conference...

Latino voters must not be swayed by a few Spanish words.

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | California Latino Voters Say Fiorina ‘No Es Mi Amiga’

So very true and Latin Americans have a unique opportunity to make a great difference and "stay the course" with Obama - a president for the people, all the people, and by the people. 
We must support his efforts and the efforts of his cabinet and the officials who have supported his very important changes.
The country is moving forward and changing direction. Nothing says it better than the revolt against him.
When leaders are feeding the fat cats movers and shakers are not pimping themselves to the lowest denominator to make a case against them. Because when the haves have nothing to oppose they are, like satisfied cats with full stomachs, licking themselves.
To let Republicans win now will be to the worst economic, moral, and social disaster ever.
We must stay the course and vote for those who will back the President into more change that is historic. Anonymous interests under bogus names support the Republicans, and they serve only special interest: not the people.

The new "n" word Republicans/t-gaggers/FOX have for Latins is "i" for "illegals" and for the children of Latins "anchor babies".

I met Kevin

Ed Gorman's blog: So long, old friend--Kevin McCarthy

I met Kevin around 1964. He was living in beach home and I was living at the Hollywood Studio Club. My impression of him is not very good, I am sorry to say. May he rest in peace.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Obama attacks Republicans

Obama attacks Republicans for blocking jobs bill - Political Intelligence - A national political and campaign blog from The Boston Globe -

Tell congress to stop blocking the job bill and not to hold the waning middle-class hostage so that their pundits can continue to dominate. What more do t-baggers/Republican/Fox-foamers want? We are already broken. Just because the politicians and their families continue to get their benefits no matter what is totally abusive. We should vote to take the salaries, and benefits form the politicians until they fix the mess they made. No, we are not victims but the big Republican brother and his bitches have screwed us. 

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More than ever ALL politician's salaries MUST be investigated.

Biloxi mayor reduces his salary by nearly $90k - WLOX-TV and - The News for South Mississippi

What are you politicians doing to help with your State’s budget? Hurray for Mayor Biloxi of Mississippi! He has a conscience unlike all the other politicians whose outrageous salaries are untouched by the economic mess they helped to create and the crooked deals that are raking havoc all over the country. If their salaries where forcefully dependant on the state of their State they would not be demonizing unions (that protect jobs), government workers (that hold them accountable) and importing workers with H-1B and the like visas and or outsourcing our jobs!

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Originally published on February 20, 2008

Labor Day 2010 TV Spot