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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

We are back!

On Monday, we returned from our 15 days Panama Canal cruise and ten days of travel from Florida to Cincinnati, visiting my husband's siblings and their families. It was a grand vacation, but I long to return to Europe in particular to Lalin, Spain; that has a story I will tell soon.

During the cruise, while at sea, John edited and made significant contributions and suggestions on VIRGINS, book three of the series. He is not into holding back critiques to make me feel good and why I trust him. Also, an avid and very picky reader, so when he said, "you need to write a series about the men,"  I was surprised and more when he added, "I enjoyed reading it" and "look forward to book four."  That's ROLO, which I will give him in two weeks after he has knee surgery, and work gets done in our home that was scheduled for after we got back from our travels.

Also, reviews from other authors, the information I am reading, and online classes, have ushered in ideas on plot and story that I am excited to implement and write. Soooo, busy, busy busy!

Your comments and suggestions are very welcomed!