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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Music I love to listen to while I write.

The music I listen to when I am writing depends on what I'm working on. If it's editing or new work on Immortals-the series, The Sylph Ayekah, and will soon be published VIRGINS, I favor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. If I'm doing stories, blogging or poetry, I listen to Music by Charro or The Beatles and The Doors, and other like that. How about you?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pain is not optional.

My quote on rewriting and editing: Pain is not optional.

Back to 27-thousand words, the going is a slow crawl into what I wrote long ago, and gosh, golly-gee, it sounded, looked and felt so good then and now I've cut the pages in this book form 1,200 to 900 and on with the hatchet. I wonder how writing groups I belong(ed) to put up with me! Anyways, here is a link to a free download on re-writing and editing - to me the same hatchet. Again I thank my husband for his bluntness and fearless hatching and editing, and those that like the book enough to have high-hopes for me, and to those that say aren't you done yet, I say: maybe never.

Here is a free download (really helpful) Revision and Self Editing for Publication:

Last but not, a quote form an author I enjoy reading:

"I always rewrite the very beginning of a novel. I rewrite the beginning as I write the ending, so I may spend part of morning writing the ending, the last 100 pages approximately, and then part of the morning revising the beginning. So the style of the novel has a consistency."  Joyce Carol Oates