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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Update on The Sylph's Trilogy and me

Thank you for the 102,834 views, when I'm discouraged, you are the light at the end of my burrow.
In July l will be entering the first five chapters of Ayekah's Tale on Wattpad, I’m hyper excited! Just remember that The Sylph's Trilogy has adult material, so don't read it if that might offend you and it's not for minors.
I'm still under mentorship by Horror Writers of America, also continuing the University of Iowa Power of the Pen online course. Completed the ISA Craft Courses in Screenwriting but it will be awhile before I attempt a script.
Published a few new poems on Hello Poetry and have an arsenal of about 70 I might enter into contests. Still involved in current events and learning Google Analytics.

More on The Sylph's Trilogy:

Sunday, August 07, 2016

My poetry

I consider Able Muse a publisher of the finest poetry and fiction collections, so I am extremely excited and grateful that some of the poems I submitted have made it to the preliminary stages in the 2016 Able Write Prize for Poetry.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Want your musings published?

Was there a time when writers wrote, and voila were published? I don't think so. 
The struggle of writing is just as intense as the tangle to publish. Publishing one's work is a business that can take up all of a writer's time but oh hell; it is the difference between writing for oneself, family and friends or feeling that one has something to say about issues and life, and the pursuit to be read. 
So if you want to delve on costs and venues for publishing your poetry or other writing here is a good site to get you started. 
Don't get frustrated as I already am. Amen.