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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Table Read screenplay comments

While I was away at the funeral services for a beloved family member I received an email with feedback regarding my screenplay submission from Table Read my screenplay. 

Wanted to read it right away but decided to wait, just got home last night. 

The "analysis" of my screenplay is amazing and 6 pages long! It will help me with the novel and screenplay re-writes. I would love to share it with those who let me know they are interested. The email says:

Dear Marta,
"Attached is your script analysis for Ayekah the Damned aka The Sylph's Tale. We thank you for your patience on delivery. Please remember this insight is the professional perspective of one person and is written with the best intentions for moving your script forward. We hope you find the attached assessment useful, and thank you again for requesting it!
Table Read My Screenplay

I will post actual comments from Table Read soon!