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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Considering Smashwords for next publication

On "Welcome to my annual publishing predictions" by Mark Coker.  The article is very informative and it "feels' sincere. Main points I liked: 

“The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.”
~ Black Sabbath

Coker goes on "The answer is complicated.  I think at the root of the challenge, as I’ve discussed here on the blog for several years now, is that the supply of ebooks is growing faster than the supply of readers." 

I recommend reading all of it. Here is the site and my comment to Smashwords on this "2019 Book Industry Predictions: The Butterflies Wi...": article

Thank you for a thorough and truthful article.

I am an emerging author. One of those who, after working at times two jobs to support my family, is now putting works on paper. In 2017 published the first book of my fantasy/ paranormal - based on mythology and history series - as a novella because I wanted to do a screenplay rendition and did; it won a third place award and from it, I got some good comments that I will implement.

The novella was published as an ebook on Amazon and D2D missing 4 chapters, yes, incomplete. I engaged the services of a publishing assistant that states it was submitted complete. No sense in blaming and arguing. The book got great reviews even though incomplete. 

Now, as I make lemonade out of lemons I am including three chapters from the beginning of the sequel and getting ready to republish. Your article is very appropriate for me and I will look into Smashwords.

Note: Wish you all a HAPPY 2019!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Despite a few words (not that I don't use them), I recommend this video Writing Wihtout Rules and article: Bad Advice Boogie: Write Every Day By: Jeff Somers June 4, 2018.

Feeling closer to mortality I am deciding what's important, life for me is a car with four wheels and a cozy chair.

I can't write at will and specific times. Kudos to writers that write, locked in a specified place and time every day but it's not my best option. Our family is large and I am the wife, mom, and Gma; the nurturer, the budder, and fixer-in-chief. Haven't been able to switch places with my husband while I am in my authorship sepulcher. He is very helpful, I already do a lot of please look this over and or "edit for me and I will..." plus he has his own pursuits.

So, for me is more beneficial and easier for my familia to stop flagellating with " I must write every day, at a specific hour and place, no matter. Unless it comes with a box I can crawl into as if it were a time machine.

In this video writing is also:
1) Conceptualizing. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I wake and jot down a new concept, idea, conversation or dream. My protagonists talk and appear (and not in a set place or space box.
2) Reading. Oh, I grab time to pour over notes, articles, and stories where I can. When traveling, my husband always drives. A good thing, for the GPS, even to get me home, I end up lost. I read in bed when I can't sleep, or in my quiet chair when he's asleep, done tossing and turning, not just books but YES posts on SSM and other authors.
3) Thinking. That machine inside my head that does not turn off. I keep a pad or my iPad on my nightstand, where I can write a note with what fills in my mind, and that never happens on cue.

How about you? Have you found your groove?

Ta Ta for now. Below is a link to the video and an article from WritersDigest, a place I trust and love:

 I recommend this video Writing Wihtout Rules, and article: Bad Advice Boogie: Write Every Day By: Jeff Somers | 

One piece of advice that seems good but can do a lot of harm is the old classic 'write every day.' Jeff Somers explains why.

Monday, October 24, 2016

What to do with feedback

So you are ready, done with waiting, some friends, other writers and or an editor read your draft what to do after you get their feedback.

Check out the options in this article by FEEDBACK "Rewriting: What Is it And How Do You Go About It?"

Friday, August 21, 2015

Are you a slacker or a sweet spot seeker?

Do you ever feel that not adhering to a regimen is goofing off? Doing stuff you enjoy, or just checking emails, social media sites and the like while still in bed drinking coffee and watching the news or even a talk show in the morning is unproductive?

I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey years ago but don’t remember the woodcutter story “sawing to the point of exhaustion while trying to take down a tree. When a man suggests that he could get done quicker by taking a break to sharpen his saw. The woodcutter says: "I don't have time to sharpen the saw. Don't you see I'm too busy?"

I can relate in particular as a writer. The beast of “are you done yet?" creeps in even as I learn how to hone my writing skills or read or worse yet do something fun. Will this article Can You Achieve More by Doing Less? help me put away the do not procrastinate hammer? As per the article Covey suggests we nurture ourselves and return to our tasks “refreshed, with a better attitude and more focus.” So what constitutes nurturing? Carter suggests we find our sweet spot. What a great concept that my SWEET SPOT is the saw! Not the sweet spot that you might be thinking of – although that must qualify. Allowing ourselves “uninterrupted blocks of time” to do our work after taking care of home and family and making time to nourish our body so as not to burn out.

Today as I go forth to find my sweet spot I write this article for my blog. Haven’t written for my blog in over a month because I am editing and submitting my novel to publisher and agents. Oh, how sweet it is!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What moves your pen?

To those that consider themselves writers or wannabees: Have you ever wondered why you strive to write and if the writing itself is satisfying why must you publish and make a real splash? Perhaps you have also felt a bit corrupt by your own possible motives as a writer?
Well, read on: Is Self-Loathing a Requirement for Writers?
This article lists reasons for why we write and what drives our desire to publish. I find that I suffer from Muse-overwhelm, self-loathing, self-awareness, creativity and just plain curiosity.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Victoria, I love your truth, and all responses are helpful. I have not published 'yet' and I am eagerly looking for agent/publisher and or to self-pub. I learned a piece of courage and resilience years ago, when a writing friend and I went to greet Allison Brennan; a #1 best selling author. My friend already knew Allison but other than for us only a couple of people stopped by and that Border's was packed. Still Allison talked to each of us and few others like we really mattered. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

worth a look

Check this article by Kent Nguyen: My secret to getting rid of burnout permanently . 
Here is my comment as posted on his site:  
"Great article and not the meditate for an hour, or do a 
specific kind of exercise, or eat this or that, although certain foods give energy and meditation is beneficial. The suggestions are simple and not about piling more on a tight schedule. I am a writer and entrepaneur working from home which leads me to put my needs last. I noticed that for the last few days, because my husband and I decided not to postpone our walks, I have felt cheerful, less tired and I sleep better. I will incorporate more things I love into my days, like lunch with friends, doing yoga often, and spending time with family. Marta"