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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Poem: Buckle


Let us not buckle 
Under greed, vulgarity and pomposity
Oh God help us not believe 
You are on the side of rioters
Abusers, greed and self-servers
Help us stand strong 
And return our country
To the respect and glory 
That led our forefathers 
To leave homeland and ancestry
Cross the oceans
To build a nation 
Not for pomp and powdered classes
But for freedom and equality
Jesus, Moses, Mohamed and Buddha
Rise amongst our people
Give us strength and purpose
For the time has come
To end immorality, greed and vanity
Ruling and toppling our nation
From the top of Lady Liberty’s flame
Into mire and stench.

By @MartaCWeeks2/5/2020

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