The Power Of Love

Some need rocks 

To rest bigotry upon

Look down, feel taller

Or throw at others

Others camp on smiles

Feed joy with differences

Rivers of promise

Golden tomorrows

Our country is burning

With horror and loss

Buried in traditions hides

Behind walls of racism

Halls filled with assets

In miles of doubt 

On hills of sorrow

Growing with fear

Brother, why cling

to grief, afraid to love

Hidden from having

While some take all

Sister, must you hate

Wish to kill hope

Bleaching love 

...with hate

And fear of death

Driven to please 

Scorning race or creed

Feeding with lack

Altars of fanatical pride

Walking shame to blame 

Taking sides with captors

Tearing all apart

To make what's not

Life goes forward 

Insecurity drains hearts

Feeds souls to false saviors

And politicians that lie

Builders of distrust

Sell promises as power 

Hiding in cruel minds

Yet we open to theirs 

and close ours

Where is forever in now

Convinced we had choices

Wanting more than not

Lost sight of beyond

Cages of greed

Built by pulpits of avarice 

Filled by a Whitehouse 

Here now, gone tomorrow

Eternal is only the universe

One minute we are 

And soon we die

Without love, there’s no power

Revised 7/7/2019


For Ever 

The Mind
when immersed in memories
of yesterday carried by
hopes of tomorrows
and thoughts that like stones
on the surface of a lake
skip from feeling to heart
tracing ripples of emotions
as from nature's beauty
to the smallness of self
is a universal totality
brushing wind over water
to wave onto shore
a life that lost on Earth
helps grow the next wave
that reaches beyond
into the horizon
where some go to sleep
while others wake
are born or take last breath
to be born again
matters not if the sun shines
or the moon reflects on its surface
glass only gives back
the reality of what is
not what one wants
the universal blanket
over and under
above and below
into time on end
not wavering not changing
to accommodate humanity
sustains eternity
what was and what will be
wishing to be more
is as a mere leaf that falls
over an oak seed on its bank
majestic in the passing
before and after us
is where we take part
of forever

For Ever by Marta C Weeks

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