Immortals - the series

The Sylph's Tale, Fantasy, 15,378 words, adult content

Book One of Immortal’s - the series. published as a novella to introduce the Archangel and Haya, a wonder/woman type in prehistoric times. Other books in the series take place in modern times and each is over 50K words. 

Published, November 2017  on Amazon and Boook2Read
Screenplay, aka; Ayekah the Damned. 2017 Short Story Contest Quarter Finalist on Screen Craft.

Synopsis: A child sneaks out of a cave where her people take shelter from a deadly storm and waves at the Archangel of Light who ready to take flight but at that moment is drawn to a marsh he calls his paradise.
Thirteen years latera girl escaping a barbarian ritual runs into the Archangel. He is commanded, “take your eve” but damned for eternity his name becomes Ayekah (Where are you? Genesis 3:9)He names her Haya (life or eve) Ayekah becomes aware that Haya has special powers and is guided by a mystical being she calls the Mardi. Haya and other women of her tribe birth the first generations of Angel/Humans. 
Their patriarchal society becomes socially equal.  On her hundredth birthday, Haya requests for Ayekah to bury her with their unborn fetus. Lost and alone, not an angel nor human, when not in Haya’s crypt Ayekah roams the earth and begs The Almighty for forgiveness but rejected he incites other angels into love for women. Enraged the almighty tries to destroy all wipe angel/humans but with the Dragon of Eternity saves most. 
Ages later, in 1858, Ayekah hears a voice just like Haya's. He goes to find the source and finds a girl that looks just like Haya. Thus, begins book two, Virgins.

***Excerpts of comments by readers on Amazon: an intriguing and innovative tale. Marta has talent and a unique story; amazing. You will never forget it; deep, meaningful tale; found myself really caught up in the heroine's life; just enough paranormal and great character; interesting plot; imagery is remarkable, and each paragraph pulls me forward; an Enjoyable and entertaining book to read; short but interesting story...has a very interesting premise.

In final edits: VIRGINS, Paranormal, approx. 65,000 words. 

Book Two of Immortal’s - the series. In 1958 the first generation of female twins from Haya's cells with Ayekah's power is born. One is fertile the infertile is the watcher and guide. As moss on a stone enslaved to each other in a sometimes-terrifying world they rebel against what they think is superstition. Ayekah forms The Retais to protect and control them. Ancestral writs, voices, and apparitions guide them until tradition breaks and the last born, not twins, are driven to learn what they suspect is their exact origin.

Soon to final edits: ROLO. Paranormal, approx. 50,000 + words.

The dubious Sigrud Liera (Sig) forms The Tardell Corporation to infiltrate The Retais and dominate the last born, not twins. Rayena Gentray (Ray), an accomplished scientist who battles with right and wrong while completing research that brings the mutant ROLO to life. Her cousin, Aryana Delmars (Ary), a Parapsychologist foresees how Ray’s research will affect humanity must stop her. Sig makes Ray, Ary and himself a living part of ROLO.


Note: Have the start of book fourth. A battle between greed, magical powers, and humanity for eternal life. Humans almost become extinct. Ray and Ary join forces to infiltrate Tardell to destroy ancestral shackles that keep them bound to a destiny they come to refute.

Marta C Weeks, a former research analyst, program manager, and counselor, is now a writer and storyteller based in northern California. When not immersed in writing or research for her stories, is involved in helping others or spending time with family. She loves reading, nature and watching TV, attending community events and movies. Find out more about her work and life on her webpage

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