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Ayekah the Damned – book one of Elementals–The Series - unfolds in pre-history.

Warning: the series has elements that might offend some readers.



Ayekah the Damned is a historical fantasy based on mythology and told by Ayekah, once the Archangel of Light, and other Celestials.

At the dawn of creation, the Almighties send Celestials to witness Earth’s evolution. 

In time, the Almighties impart humans with a soul and eternal consciousness. To abate envy, the Almighties grant Celestial’s dominion over Earth. Until the Archangel of Light falls for a virgin and becomes Ayekah the Damned. He names the virgin Haya. She threatens to abandon Ayekah unless he commits to helping her fulfill a destiny.

From Haya and other virgins are born generations of angel/humans. The Almighties try to destroy all angel/humans, but most of Ayekah’s are saved by the Dragon of Eternity.



The Almighty Creators commanded me, the Archangel of Light, and many other Celestials, to watch generations of humans evolve but not to interfere.

Followed by the voices of Celestials and driven by a want to experience human flesh, I, one day, spied on a young woman bathing in a river, and when I saw a man attack her, to protect her, I went between in the form of a salamander.

“But instead of helping her, you became part of the assault.”  Says an unknown Celestial. 

“Eventually in turmoil, you, Archangel of Light, hid in a Blackhole but was forced back to Earth,” We are the Chalkydri.

“You landed on the peak of an island and, after enjoying the majesty of creation, was ready to take flight when you saw an Eagle fly over to the other side of the cliff.” I am Camael.

There I found a land of grottoes and generations of Maya who had taken refuge after the destruction of their highly developed empire and civilization. Fascinated by their life and rituals after repeated visits, I am drawn to a young woman’s thoughts. Her name is Luna. I discover Luna is not only pregnant, but that she has mystical powers, abhors her people’s Survival Rites, and wants a future where females are not subservient.

“After Luna dies during childbirth, in deep sorrow, you resolve to flee until an Eagle flies over and drops a seed on the uninhabited and barren underside of the island.” Tennin here.

There I stayed when not traversing Earth and called it “my paradise. From there, I could hear the grotto people but remained away until fifteen years later when an exhausted and bedraggled girl ran in to escape Virgin Rites, and I recognized her as Luna’s daughter, Lunita. Like her mother, Lunita has divine powers, guided by an invisible being she calls the Mardi.

“While protecting Lunita, you fell for her.” I am Sariel, also just an Archangel.

“And you were condemned by the Almighties to be Ayekah the Damned, a Sylph. A being without a soul.” I am Raguel.

I named her Haya and wanted her to stay with me, but she rejected me because her primary purpose was to change her people’s culture. Lost and damned, I joined her mission. From us, and other virgins were born from generations of angels/humans. She took charge of her people and changed the culture. She died on her hundredth birthday, and I hid her body-for she is eternal.

“And you resumed roaming over Earth, followed by the voices of other Celestials.” Unknown voice.

Some Celestials also birthed what the Almighties damn to be Brethren of the Fallen. The Almighties try to eliminate all fallen angels and brethren. However, aided by the Dragon of Eternity, some found refuge and saved others.

“Then you tried to stop the surviving Celestials from rebelling, but they vowed: “we will leave no rock unturned, no holiness undefiled and a future without hope.” Zadkiel



(Listed alphabetically, with their chosen genre, in Ayekah the Damned, and domain)

CAMAEL:                  Male.                           Archangel of strength, courage, and war

CASSIEL:                   Female.                       Archangel of Solitude and tears 

CHALKYDRI:           Male/Female               Group of three. Carriers of the Sun’s heat.

RAGUEL:                   Male                            Archangel of Justice

SARIEL:                     Female                        Leader of angels and a great healer.

TENNIN:                    Female                        Lives in the Buddhist heaven. A solitary creature.

ZADKIEL:                  Male                            Archangel of freedom, benevolence, and mercy.



Book Two -VIRGINS- starts in modern times. Haya’s descendants birth twin daughters. Ayekah is always with them. Generations later, the last two, Ray and Ary, guided by the Pastoras, two women joined back-to-back. Will mutate humanity into a new species. 

Book Three - ROLO- is named after the Salamander that Ray will use to clone humans. Powerful forces of good and evil battle. 

Book Four - MACULATUM- the development of Salamander clones takes over, and the battle between greed and magical powers intensifies before humankind almost becomes extinct.



A short screenplay version of The Sylphs Tale won a third-place award. To see comments on the screenplay, please go to Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. 



About myths and history around Ayekah, Sylphs or beings without a soul, and Haya. Plato said that myths are memories and history. As per ancient Greeks, the word Mythology is two parts, Ethos and Logo. Ethos develops from history, religion, nature, language, art, symbolisms, order, and chaos. Logo is the investigation of science and elements that makes us who we are. 

From myth evolved the belief in spirits, one from each element:

· Mermaids from water

· Sylphs from the air

· Gnomes from the Earth

· Salamanders from spirits

Since ancient times, scientists have spoken about humans having an elemental spirit they now call “natural tectonics,” or forces cracking the planet’s crust with earthquakes and volcanoes. 

In the “Paracelsian concept,” Elementals are supernatural “humanoid beings” that live longer than humans and are not immortal, but when a mortal weds an immortal, the humanoid spirit becomes immortal. 

In The Old Testament, by searching for Elementals, also as Nephilim or “giants” or “the fallen ones” from the Hebrew word naphal or “to fall.” 

The ancient Mayans left evidence of their contact with miraculous visitors. 



In Genesis 3:9. After Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, God asked Adam, “Ayekah,” is a Hebrew word that in English means “Where are you?” In the Torah, Ayekah is also referred to as “watcher” and “holy one.” Also, in Genesis 3:9. Holy writs say angels “fell” after becoming “enamored” of human women. In Maya mythology, Ayekah is akin to Itzamna, an upper god and creator deity thought to live in the sky. 

In Hebrew mythology, Haya means “life.” In Maya mythology, Haya is akin to Ix Chel, the divine goddess believed to have helped create the world. Her powers include healing, intuitive knowledge, and the ability to control earthly forces and the sex of a fetus. 

In Elementals - the series- Haya is akin to Samael’s counterpart, Lilith. She seduces angels and can mean; “to live” or “have life,” or “to give” or “restore life” (Genesis 25:6, Joshua 3:10), “lively” (2 Samuel 23:20), and “reviving” (Genesis 18:10, 2 Kings 4:16). As in Nashiym, the Lilim, who seduced the watchers.

About the author and how the ELEMENTALS -The Series started.


How the series started

In 1999, Marta, almost paralyzed by fear, wrote a short story about a being without a soul. The short story developed into the first few chapters of a book, and in 2000, at a writer’s conference, Marta submitted them to the late Leonard Bishop, a novelist, and writing teacher. 

Bishop wrote a three-page letter to Marta, which she treasures, that began: “Thank you for submitting your manuscript to me. Some of it is excellent, and some of it gave me a difficult time.” Those pages by Bishop were full suggestions and some praise: “Nowhere in the manuscript can I really fault the prose.” Bishop inspired Marta to continue writing and, she hoped, would be her mentor, but he died before she completed the first draft. 

An avid reader of anthropology, history, and supernatural context, after a 30-year career, the last twenty as Research Analyst, Marta retired. For a while, she freelanced for technical publications and for CBS Sacramento. Was a poetry finalist at the San Francisco 2012 writers’ conference. 

Published: The Sylph’s Tale, a novella, and the screenplay adaptation. See comments from the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

About Marta C. Weeks

Since early childhood, books are Marta’s best friends. Limited by polio, reading became one of her favorite escapes. Up in the attic of her grandparent’s store, amid rows of stored books, by a small barred window under a light bulb strung from the ceiling, she immersed herself in mysteries, history, or damsels in distress who overcame their dilemmas.

Work in progress includes a book of poetry, a second screenplay, several short stories, and four novellas: Of Passion’s Thorns, a tale of success inspired by obstacles and bigotry; Sweet Dreams My Love, the struggle of a family from addiction to recovery; Judy Malone, a gripping story about infidelity.

Marta is happily married and lives in northern California with her husband, an avid reader, supports her writing, and is a former RR Engineer.  


To contact Marta, please leave a comment or message: https://www.facebook.com/martacweeks.


Marta next to a painting that inspired some of ELEMENTALS-The Series

The late Leonard Bishop 

Marta with her husband John (was looking up because the sun was hitting her eyes.)


Favorite disguise.

Other than her office, favorite writing nook.



Marta C. Weeks said...

Thank you to all who like my page and those who post messages;
One of my favorite things is research, not just because for twenty years of my life I was a Research Analyst but because since I was a child, crippled by polio, reading gave me wings. It is taking me a long time to write ELEMENTALS -The Series because although fiction it is is based on real facts. Right now I am working on finishing Book One, Ayekah the Damned that starts in prehistoric times and goes into the ancient Mayan evolution of culture that is evident in the Mayan amazing knowledge in Astronomy, Astrology Mathematics, and much more. For more on the series click on ELEMENTALS - The Series at: https://www.martacweeks.com

Yorick said...

It does sound extremely interesting your planned (?) series The Elementals. I tend to become humble in an unpleasant Uriah Heep sort of way when I read about such success, but I am aware of myself enough I hope to keep my less attractive side under restraint. I don't know how people find the time and energy to be both creatively and techically proficient and lead normal and eventful lives. It is as though I have fewer hours than they. Anyway, is the series yet to be written? Excuse my stupidity if it is stupidity, but I could not see if the series has been published, is still to be written, in a blog or where or when Elementals will appear. The subject matter appeals to me. I am also drawn by those time-spanning myths and symbols which work underground on us today.

Marta C. Weeks said...

Thank you Yorick, I am currently on the second round of edits for book one, The Sylph's Tale, have over 40k words on book two Virgins and about 20k on ROLO and Maculatum. Would you like to be a reader before publication?