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Hello friends, thank you for staying with me even after I announced that The Sylph's Tale is missing FOUR chapters.

I find it amazing that even incomplete it got so many great reviews! The Word and PDF I sent to the person who helped me publish had all the chapters. She assures me she submitted it to Amazon and D2D complete; I have no reason to doubt her word. 

Also, as a true believer of when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. After lengthy emails with Amazon and D2D, they assure me they will let know those who bought the incomplete book and can get a FREE copy once I republish.

More lemonade: it was a small book because I wanted to do a screenplay rendition, did and it won an award. The new publication will have the missing chapters plus two or three added chapters that started book two: Virgins. 

Again: THANK YOU, I plan to republish the first part of 2019. If you want to be a before publication reader and give me your feedback please let me know and I will send you the book on a PDF File.

The Sylph's Tale, Fantasy based on Mythology, adult content

The Sylph’s Tale, book one of Immortals - the series.

Synopsis: From the top of a cliff the Archangel of Light watches a clan hide in a cave to survive a deadly storm. He prepares to take flight as a child sneaks out and waves. He is prepared to take flight but stays lured by a marsh on the underside he soon calls his paradise.

Thirteen years later a girl escapes a barbarian ritual by running into the Archangel's paradise. Voices command, “take your Eve,” but the Almighty damns him the for eternity. His name becomes Ayekah (Where are you? Genesis 3:9) He names her Haya (Life or Eve). Ayekah finds that Haya has powers and a mystical being she calls the Mardi guides her. Haya and women of her tribe birth the first generations of Angel/Humans as they abolish patriarchal norms. On her death Haya demands Ayekah bury her with her unborn fetus. Inside the cliff, he builds a sepulcher. Lost and alone, not an angel nor human, when not in her crypt, he roams the earth. Begs The Almighty for forgiveness when rejected, he cajoles other angels into love for women. Enraged, the Almighty tries to wipe out the angel/humans, but Ayekah saves most of his help from the Dragon of Eternity.

Ages later, in 1858, Ayekah hears a voice that reminds him of Haya and finds a girl who looks like Haya. Thus, begins book two, VIRGINS.


Published, November 2017 on Amazon and Draft2Digital
Screenplay, aka; Ayekah the Damned. 2017 Short Story Contest Quarter Finalist on Screen Craft.

*Comment excerpts by readers on Amazon: an intriguing and innovative tale. Marta has talent and a unique story; amazing. You will never forget it; deep, meaningful tale; found myself really caught up in the heroine's life; just enough paranormal and great character; interesting plot; imagery is remarkable, and each paragraph pulls me forward; an Enjoyable and entertaining book to read; short but interesting story...has a very interesting premise.

VIRGINS, Paranormal, approx. 55,000 words. 

Book Two of Immortal’s - the series. In 1958 the first generation of female twins from Haya's cells with Ayekah's power is born. One is fertile the infertile is the watcher and guide. As moss on a stone enslaved to each other in a sometimes-terrifying world they rebel against what they think is superstition. Ayekah forms The Retais to protect and control them. Ancestral writs, voices, and apparitions guide them until tradition breaks and the last born, not twins, are driven to learn what they suspect is their exact origin.

ROLO. Paranormal, approx. 50,000 + words.

The dubious Sigrud Liera (Sig) forms The Tardell Corporation to infiltrate The Retais and dominate the last born, not twins. Rayena Gentray (Ray), an accomplished scientist who battles with right and wrong while completing research that brings the mutant ROLO to life. Her cousin, Aryana Delmars (Ary), a Parapsychologist foresees how Ray’s research will affect humanity must stop her. Sig makes Ray, Ary and himself a living part of ROLO.


Note: Have the start of book fourth. A battle between greed, magical powers, and humanity for eternal life. Humans almost become extinct. Ray and Ary join forces to infiltrate Tardell to destroy ancestral shackles that keep them bound to a destiny they come to refute.

Marta C Weeks is the author of Immortals the series. November 2018 she published The Sylph's Tale, the first book of the series. Completed a screenplay rendition, aka Ayekah the Damned, was a quarter-finalist on the ISA 2017 Screen Craft contest.

After three decades of employment as Counselor, Program Specialist, and Research Analyst she freelanced for CBS Sacramento Arts&Entertainment,, and Ex-In the City Guides. Poetry finalist on the 2012 San Francisco Indie Publishing Contest. Some of her poems are on by Scruffy Dog, Editred, Poetry for Conservation and

Marta lives in Northern California with her husband/editor. On her website, she likes to share with others tips and articles on writing and social issues.

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