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Warningthis series contains sexual elements that might offend the average reader.

Copyright @2017 by Marta C. Weeks

ELEMENTALS – The Series is Historical Fantasy, some of the stories are inspired by personal experience but most are developed from imagination and extensive research. My intent is not to convince anyone that my information is exact nor the only available data; my main objective is to create action and dialogue in a time and place where my characters live and are inspired to do and become what they want or go next.

Plato said that myths are memories and history. The ancient Greeks said that the word Mythology is two parts, Ethos and Logo. The first or Ethos develops from history, religion, nature, language, art, symbolisms, order, and chaos. Logo is investigating science and elements that make us who we were. 

The series is based on extensive research or Logo. Also by Thos, such as the journeys into the unknown, Angels, Creation, Heaven, and a Paradise as a symbol of perfect order, plus concepts that, in birth, we are one and in death, we are separated. That the Hero/Heroine journeys into the unknown including forces or gifts such as guides to their destiny, and that we are born, die, and are reborn. 

From myth evolved the belief in elemental spirits one from each element: mermaids from water, sylphs from the air, gnomes from the earth, and salamanders from spirits. Now, scientists speak of humanity as having an elemental spirit called “natural tectonics”, the forces cracking the planet's crust with earthquakes and volcanoes. 

However, it’s believed that all elemental spirits lack an immortal soul unless they marry a human, then the “elemental and its offspring could gain a soul.” In the “Paracelsian concept” elementals are supernatural “humanoid beings” and said to live longer than humans and are not immortals but, by wedding a mortal, “it becomes immortal.”   Quoted text and additional information on elementals are found in mythology, ancient history, The Old Testament, and on Wikipedia or Google by searching for Elementals. 

Book I


A passionate and mystical tale about the love between a virgin and an angel.

Fantasy/Mythology- Approx. 75kwords

Ayekah The Damned, loosely based in mythology and history. In prehistoric times, the Archangel of Light, and other angels are commanded to witness Earth’s evolution but never to interfere. 
However, the Archangel becomes enthralled with humanity and is damned for eternity after he falls for a virgin.

His name becomes Ayekah; he names her Haya. He wants her to stay with him, but she goes back to her tribe. Ayekah flees, but in despair over the Almighty’s damnation and lost without Haya; he returns to find she has mysterious powers and destiny that, without him, she cannot fulfill.
The story is told by Ayekah.

Book II

After the fall, they have daughters who set out to change humanity.

Paranormal - Approx. 50K words

The saga of mystery and otherworldly powers continues after generation of female twins are born from Haya’s fetus. One is fertile and gives birth to twins; the other is the watcher and guide.

Like moss on a stone of destiny, they overcome terrifying ordeals. Beautiful and haunting, endowed with a sixth sense, they rebel but cannot deny that their otherworldly encounters are beyond their control. 

Ayekah forms The Retais to safeguard and influence them, but they are fearless, even when confounded by terrifying events and apparitions.

Book III


"And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth."  Revelations 12:16."

Paranormal/Science-fiction - Approx. 50K words

Powerful forces influence the last born, each born to one of the twins. Ray becomes a Geneticist, her twin Ary, a Parapsychologist. 

Ayekah forms The Retais, a powerful organization, to protect them as Ray builds a research site. She aims to heal illnesses but is besieged by the unknown when she captures a Salamander she names ROLO. But Sigrud Liera, a scientist, wants ROLO to breed human mutants. 

Ary, compelled to stop Ray, enlists the help of Alex, a movie producer, and Ray’s lover. However, days during the 1992 hurricane Mitch, Ray, and ROLO disappear.

Book IV

In a battle for eternal life between greed and magical powers, humankind almost becomes extinct. 

Ray and Ary join forces to infiltrate Tardell and destroy ancestral shackles that keep them bound to a destiny they come to refute.

The Sylph’s Tale

Currently published, but is not one of the ELEMENTALS series books.

A short but provocative tale about an Archangel seduced by a mystical Virgin.


Available on Amazon and D2D

NOTE: The Sylph's Tale was published missing text and the most significant chapters. Amazon and D2D state they will give, those who purchased it, a free electronic copy of AYEKAH THE DAMNED, Book I in the upcoming ELEMENTALS - The Series.

"This has imagination and touches on the mythic and spiritual in ways that are not typical."

"The Sylph's Tale made for a most unusual read. The choice to format the story more as a series of vignettes from a creation myth. Fallen angels appear in many stories, but it's far less common to see through the angels' own eyes."

"The love between a girl from prehistoric days and Ayekah was beautifully told. Although this book was too religious to my liking, I believe that the next books will probably be more paranormal than biblical."

The Sylph’s Tale screenplay adaptation won an ISA third-place award.

About the author

Marta’s love for books started when limited by polio, she read and dreamt of dancing. 

After high school, she became a dancer, and while a stay-at-home mom went to college, hosted a TV show, taught dancing, and volunteered as a counselor. She retired after 30-year of Public Service and a career as a Program Specialist and Research Analyst.

Since then, for two years, she worked as a freelance writer for Examiner.com and CBS Sacramento. She became and still is active in writing groups and classes. Was a poetry finalist on the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference.

Lives in Northern California with her spouse John who helps her edit and contributes to her series. He is also an avid reader and into filming.

Novels in progress include

Of Passion’s Thorns: a tale of success inspired by obstacles and bigotry. 

Sweet Dreams My Love: a family's journey from addiction into recovery.

Judy Malone: A funny yet gripping story about infidelity.

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