Marta C Weeks BIO

Marta C Weeks, is an author of fantasy, paranormal, speculative and historical fiction, poet, and columnist. On her website, she likes to share with others tips and articles about writing and social issues. Lives in Northern California with her husband/editor.

After a career in state service: as Program Specialist and Research Analyst, she freelanced for CBS Sacramento Arts&Entertainment,, and Ex-In the City Guides. poems some published by Scruffy Dog, Editred, Poetry for Conservation and others. Poetry finalist, 2012 Indie Publishing Contest and Class from ISA Screenwriting finalist in the 2017 Short Story Contest Quarter Finalist on Screen Craft. Completed courses at the University of Iowa, UCD, extension, Poynter’s, Gotham, and Odyssey. Participate in Goodreads, Sierra Writers, Horror Writers, PRG and various others.

Published The Sylph's Tale on Amazon Also, on Boook2Read.
Also, published a screenplay adaptation of The Sylph’s Tale or Ayekah the Damned on Amazon Studios
Facebook: Marta C Weeks

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