Wednesday, November 29, 2023

About On Wings Of Immortals -The Series

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About "On Wings Of Immortals" - the trilogy I am completing.

Book one, Ayekah The Damned, starts when Celestials witness the beginning of human creation, and all is well until the Almightys (male and female in one) name six as Archangels and one as Archangel Of Light (AOL) to watch over humans. 

The following three books are Virgins and Maculatum. 

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Possible front page for book one: AYEKAH THE DAMNED

To those wondering what books, movies, or authors Ayekah The Damned might resemble.

I say Ayekah The Damned is:

Quirky like Mozart - the film

Historical like Clan Of The Cave Bears - by Jean Auel

Erotic like The Handmaid's Tale - books/films

Mysterious like The Vampire - like Anne Rice's series and films

Spiritual like Paolo Coelho - tales


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