Sunday, December 04, 2022

Sunday poem: INJUSTICE


(This is a 7&4 poem; one line is 7 words, and the next is 4)

Mixed in the shrill sound of sirens 

Screams wet with tears

Come from mouths eyes of desperate faces

Amid cries for justice

Most die never knowing other than shadows

Their presence diminished, distrusted

By those who teach spoon-fed children

To be kind lambs

Not to cry, rebel, or to instigate

When in shadows of need

Begging for bits with simple gratitude eyes

While ignored by the faithful

Though or called lazy by the loaded

Why are you sensitive?

While the callous add, "get a job."

"Would you hire me?"

"No, you have no trade nor experience."

Throws dimes, not dollars

Worried about having-not walking, work, and life

To signal diminished value

Smiles giving his dog from the pound

Kindness to feel worthwhile

As beggars walk on crap-filled streets.

@MMAW-10/2/22 revised 12/04/22 

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Your comments and suggestions are very welcome!

A New World

A new world unfolds 
not from the heart of religious prophecy 
but from the mind of technology. 
An event so holy will be seen as evil. 
All Mighty, will your tabernacle harlots 
interpret Your wisdom and separate truth 
from false teachings? 

by @mmdaw


Your comments and suggestions are very welcome!