Sunday, December 04, 2022

Sunday poem: INJUSTICE


(This is a 7&4 poem; one line is 7 words, and the next is 4)

Mixed in the shrill sound of sirens 

Screams wet with tears

Come from mouths eyes of desperate faces

Amid cries for justice

Most die never knowing other than shadows

Their presence diminished, distrusted

By those who teach spoon-fed children

To be kind lambs

Not to cry, rebel, or to instigate

When in shadows of need

Begging for bits with simple gratitude eyes

While ignored by the faithful

Though or called lazy by the loaded

Why are you sensitive?

While the callous add, "get a job."

"Would you hire me?"

"No, you have no trade nor experience."

Throws dimes, not dollars

Worried about having-not walking, work, and life

To signal diminished value

Smiles giving his dog from the pound

Kindness to feel worthwhile

As beggars walk on crap-filled streets.

@MMAW-10/2/22 revised 12/04/22 

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Your comments and suggestions are very welcome!

A New World

A new world unfolds 
not from the heart of religious prophecy 
but from the mind of technology. 
An event so holy will be seen as evil. 
All Mighty, will your tabernacle harlots 
interpret Your wisdom and separate truth 
from false teachings? 

by @mmdaw


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Saturday, September 10, 2022


To a writer
the empty page
fill me up
it's lonely here
build a world
from words and
and with wings
fly with


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Saturday, August 06, 2022

Poem: About Rights

Voices claim

rights to justice

from streets to stages

proclaim credence to sources of

 writes and wrongs.

Do you

 teach your kin

with words or actions

that's their right to decide 

who can live or be killed?

That safety

is in color 

of skin or birth 

for only whites can determine

who is right even though wrong?

Clean streets 

minds and hearts

from immigrants, they decide

are the scum that takes

their place and proper place away.


In cheer 

as in pomp

shades of citizens unite

to judge right from wrong

kept to use to be deployed.

Does God

 support those who 

in the name of 

country kill to proclaim rights

only by skin or color as kin?

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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Poem: Fear


In fear-loaded times

Will wearing a mask

That blends with all 

Does not claim sides

Speaks of nothing

Stands for none 

Keep us safe 

To walk in crowds

Or hide behind closed doors

Doing nothing 

Offending no one

When a voice, fist, bomb

In a corner, school, or mall




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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Poem: The Empty Page

The Empty Page
to writers says
fill me up
it's lonely here
without words
let's build a world
of words and feelings
with wings
that fly with letters.

Ayekah, The Damned, will be available soon...

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Paranormal shifter or fantasy?

For those who ask, "When will you publish the On Wings Of Immortals, the trilogy, and why it's for adults only?"

I wrote Sylph's Tale first as a screenplay, that won an award. Then, from the notes, I published it as a very short book on Amazon: 

I say On Wings Of Immortals, the trilogy is for adults only because I include all aspects of relationships between all living things and, in particular, humans. And can be steeped in uncensored passion from Creation to the present.  

For example, the first book in the series, Ayekah The Damned, starts at Creation and how every species fought to survive and procreated. Not as usually veiled in most regular books but in a world where survival for most living creatures meant fighting, building, and destroying.

Possible front page for book one: AYEKAH THE DAMNED

To those who might wonder what books, movies, or authors Ayekah The Damned might resemble.
I say Ayekah The Damned it's:
Quirky like Mozart - the film
Historical like Clan Of The Cave Bears - by Jean Auel
Erotic like The Handmaid's Tale - books/films
Mysterious like The Vampire - like Anne Rice's series and films
Spiritual like Paolo Coelho - tales

The remaining two books of the series, VIRGINS and  MACULATUM, are set in real-time and into the future and are also steeped in fantasy, romance, and history, some of which are graphic. And as characters change from eternal beings to humans, some of the story's paranormal elements are for adults.

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Sunday, March 06, 2022


Far away from us

People leave dead loved ones

Spouses and homes

Carry children

And the little they can

From amid the rubble 

Of what once was plenty

To escape death

In the hope of safety

In search of life

In smiles and arms 

Of those who welcome them.


Friday, February 04, 2022

How to manage and or introduce settings.

Settings for a story are as important as the characters. Therefore, an author must learn all about where the story takes place.

Here is an excellent article about settings: 

Setting as Obstacles: 
How to Make Your Environment Impact Your Plot 
                            by Caitlin Berve

For Caitlin Berve complete article, go to:

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