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From TST to OWOI



Lost without Haya the Archangel surrenders to damnation to help her birth a new humanity.


First came The Sylph’s Tale (TST), published in 2017. Even though it’s only 17 pages and wasn’t advertised, it received good ratings, and I got great feedback on Amazon, D2D, and writing groups. 

Then I wrote it as a screenplay, submitting it to two contests in one, it got good reviews and in the other, it won a third-place award. 

Because of questions and interest, I wrote VIRGINS, which is now book two of the series, and before I knew it, I was writing the series On Wings Of Immortals - character-driven literary fiction. Significant themes include historical and paranormal events, supernatural revelations and fantasy, erotic romance, mystery, time travel, and adventure.




Note: The series might offend some readers and it's also only recommended for adults.




In Greek, the word Mythology is two parts, Ethos and Logo. Ethos means that it develops from history, religion, nature, language, art, symbolisms, order, and chaos. Logo is the investigation of science and elements that makes us who we are. 

Myths about beings without a soul evolved from the belief of elemental spirits: Mermaids from water, Sylphs from the air, Gnomes from the Earth, Salamanders from spirits. 

Since ancient times, scientists spoke about humans as having an elemental spirit. In the "Paracelsian concept," Elementals are supernatural "humanoids" that live longer than humans and when a mortal weds an immortal, the humanoid spirit becomes immortal. 

In The Old Testament, Elementals are also known as Nephilim or "giants" or "the fallen ones" from the Hebrew word naphal or "to fall." 

The ancient Maya left evidence of their contact with miraculous visitors or elemental beings. 




Ayekah: In Genesis 3:9. After Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, God asked Adam, "ayekah," in Hebrew it means "where are you?" In the Torah, it’s referred to as "watcher" and "holy one."   

In Maya mythology, Ayekah is akin to Itzamna, a god and creator thought to live in the sky. 

Haya: in Hebrew, mythology means "life." 

In Genesis 3:9. Holy writs say angels "fell" after becoming "enamored" of human women. 

Haya is akin to Samael's counterpart, Lilith. She seduces angels and can mean; "to live" or "have life," or "to give" or "restore life" (Genesis 25:6, Joshua 3:10), "lively" (2 Samuel 23:20), and "reviving" (Genesis 18:10, 2 Kings 4:16). As in Nashiym, the Lilim, who seduced the watchers.

In Maya mythology, Haya is akin to Ix Chel, the divine goddess believed to have helped create the world. Her powers include: healing, intuitive knowledge, the ability to control earthly forces, and to choose the sex of a human fetus. 

Book One



In the beginning, the Almightys assigns Celestials to witness creation and evolution. Discord starts when humans are granted an eternal soul. To appease the highest Celestials the Almighties name one Archangel of Light and seven others as Guardians. 

In time, the Archangel (dubbed AOL by the Guardians) damned for falling in lust and love with a virgin he names Haya, the Almighties name him Ayekah.

Haya and Ayekah had many children and changed her suppressive culture to an almost matriarchal society. After death, Haya remains eternally alive thru her own powers and because of Ayekah.


Book Two



Decades later Haya dies; although, she lives eternally in spirit, mind, and flesh via Ayekah.

From ancient to modern times, every single generation of Haya and Ayekah's descendants are descendants - known to only a few - has Haya's and Ayekah's genes and are all knowledgeable and advanced for their time. 

The last generations are all female twins, one is the mother the other the watcher. 

Their lives are marred by apparitions and voices amid adventure, passion, and turmoil.

The last twins, Ray, a Genetic Scientist, and Ary, a Parapsychologist, but in their own way, have the same objectives: to protect and save humanity from extinction.


Book Three



The last twins, Ary and Ray, besieged by events and apparitions of a female spirit and a male voice, use their scientific and philosophical knowledge to investigate what they sense is impending human extermination. 

Ray goes into the jungle to find a Salamander species on which she will conduct cloning experiments. Ary joins Ray’s lover Alex, a movie producer, to find Ray after a deadly hurricane. 

Meanwhile, the Retais, an evil secret society ruled by Sigrud Liera, wants to capture both Ray and Ary and their knowledge and power, for they know who their ancestors are.


Book Four



After Ray almost dies and disappears under the turbulent waters of a hurricane she is saved by two invisible beings. Ray and Ary join in a fight against Sigrud Liera, a malevolent scientist and shapeshifter.

However, their time is taken by the flailing health of their mother and by natural disasters that almost destroyed humanity. 

Just when it seems that hell has overtaken the battle between good and evil, magic intensifies, and Ray and Ary become part of experiments using Salamanders to clone humans as the wealthy and powerful live in massive towers and ocean liners.

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