Sunday, April 04, 2021

My Easter Poem


Man on the cross on this Easter

Help us recognize that buckled 

Under pompous vulgar leaders

We excused immorality and disdain.

Man on the cross hidden by sashes 

To keep pious signing in praise

Not offended by blood from nails 

Or a crown of thorns.

Help us recall how You

Buckled under lashes of greed

Hung for us to stand strong 

Against borders to build nations.

Not for wigged powdered classes

But for freedom and equality

As You, Moses, Mohamed, Buddha

Rose to give strength and purpose.

For the time has come to end

Rules that topple our nation

And Liberty’s Flame

Under mire and stench.

By @MartaCWeeks 4/17/21

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When and how to put your  characters in peri!

The emotional peril a character faces is just as important as the physical peril.



Your comments and suggestions are very welcomed!