Wednesday, December 04, 2019

How plot twists affect a story

I found this article on Creating Plot Twists reassuring because, in a pivotal chapter of Ayekah the Damned, secrets are revealed, and all changes when a young virgin runs into the Archangel of Light's paradise. He falls for her,  she is empowered while he is damned.

Fiction University: Expect the Unexpected: Creating Plot Twists: By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy I'm up against a deadline this month to get a manuscript finished, so I'm dipping into the archi...

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Sunday, December 01, 2019

How was your Turkey day?

Last and this year I insisted on us hosting Thanksgiving. Craved the feel of family and love on my spaces! The patter of little feet and voices of those I love resonate inside our walks. The fussing in a kitchen that now only John and I use. But, like the song goes “that’s over now.” I informed family that I give it back to them. Not that it wasn’t fun!

Its so much nicer and easier for family and both of us to go to our kids or grandkids homes. We live far from everyone and those who like to host do such a bang up job! I used to be like that and now I am puttered out and that’s ok. Lesson learned although last year it was great fun, most of my girls even belly danced!

Today I am finally wooing into the nitty greedy of what I, other than our family, love the most: my writing!

 While doing edits and revisions on book 2, Ayekah the Damned, third draft I am also creating, for each chapter, a synopsis, character list and main events notes. Yes it’s taking time but I am a perfectionist and because it’s a four book series - so far - the information serves as great reference. John (my nit picky and fearless husband) is editing the complete third draft of book 3, VIRGINS. Last will be the third draft of ROLO, book 4.

So very excited! However if I we both weren’t research nuts writing, revising and editing, these books would be a real drag but we both love to lookup and get facts of what cones as the book flows out of me or we edit and revise. The entire series is based on mythology and from ancient to current times and in so many different times and places that research in anthropology and history are essential; but I love it! Get lost in it!

Look at the view of rain falling on trees behind a beautiful bouquet one of my girls brought.
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Fiction University: 14 Days of Writing Prizes, Starting...NOW!

Fiction University: 14 Days of Writing Prizes, Starting...NOW!: By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy It’s the season of giving, so I

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