Tuesday, November 19, 2019

About Magical Realism

Thank you Oprah Magazine, the authors listed on the Magical Realism article are some of my favorite and could list several more. I, so far have thought and called my series Fantasy based on Mythology but that category has not felt entirely correct and because of this article I realize that Wings of Immortals- my series is Magical Realism. Information on my series can be found at: https://www.martacweeks.com/

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

In the thick of it (beware: contains adult content)

Beware: contains adult content. Fantasy series based on Mythology.

To those waiting for Ayekah the Damned, please bear with me. We are deep into edits and revisions for the next three books of the entire Wings Of Immortals - series.  

I decided to complete the series first - it has a life of its own and keeps growing. Meantime The Sylph's Tale is still selling on Amazon and getting great reviews. To those who purchase it, because it was published missing chapters, the publishers and I will offer a free Ayekah the Damned book when released. 

Both start with the Archangel's seduction by a virgin destined to changed humankind. For information on the entire series, please go to WINGS OF IMMORTALS - SERIES

To take a break, now and then, from this very SEDUCTIVE and TWISTY, TURNY series I am preparing to publish a Poetry Chapbook, have over 80 poems for it, some are on Hello Poetry I love HP. Also doing edits on Ayekah the Damned screenplay, as I've shared, it won a third-place award.

Not nuts yet but very excited. I hope you stick with me and love the Wings Of Immortals - series!

Your comments and suggestions are very welcomed!