Monday, August 12, 2019

Poem: Last Wishes

I hope you share with me why you like or don't like this poem.

Last Wishes

Before I leave this life
I don't want a sorry 
         left unsaid
From anyone I have wronged
        forgiveness I beg
Matters not to me
         your share of blame
Before my last breath
        to smile at all I want
Wrong or right
         friend or foe
Not a tear unshed
Nor a smile 
          stopped from laughter
Not a truth untold 
           or a lie to nest
For what is life
           but a mere waking 
Into the next beginning 
A moving from shadows 
             to light
Sky to Earth
              hope to breath
There are no forevers
               in the flesh
Sorry travels endlessly
                wrong bones might forget
But spirit's sufferings
                  Never ends

Marta 4/20/2017

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